Government May Shut Down Tomorrow at Midnight

With the clock ticking, Congress will continue working today to pass the necessary legislation to avert a government shutdown, but divisions among the House Republican majority are keeping the chance of success far from certain.

EU Needs More Than Just Tariffs to Counter China’s Electric Cars

China’s homegrown automakers have started to dominate the domestic market and have been setting their sights on Europe. Concern about this impending influx has led the Europe to investigate whether subsidies have given the electric vehicles China is exporting an unfair pricing advantage.

Audi Vehicle Safety Center Upgrades Crash-Testing Capability

Audi opens a new vehicle safety facility claiming improved crash-testing technology. According to Wards, the Audi Vehicle Safety Center on the automaker’s Ingolstadt, Germany, campus is the result of about $106 million invested to create an 820-ft. run-up track, a mobile 100-ton crash block and the ability to collide two vehicles at a 90-degree angle.

Brand Loyalty Declining Among New-Car Buyers

It's becoming increasingly difficult for carmakers to turn a customer into a repeat customer, according to a recent study. An unexpected side effect of the chip shortage is that drivers who kept their car for longer than they're used to are going to the competition to try something new, reports Autoblog.