Auto Supply Pinch Likely Held Back Retail Spending in May

Shoppers likely pulled back on auto purchases last month while boosting spending on other items and at restaurants, as more people got vaccinated against Covid-19 and business restrictions were further eased, reports The Wall Street Journal.

New Product Rollout, Updates Accelerate

The spread among automakers in how quickly they replace their annual volume with new models is reaching its widest point in recent auto industry history, reports Automotive News.

Summer 2021: Dealers Make an Impact

Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, joins today’s episode to talk advocacy, action, and how dealers can make this a summer of impact in Washington, D.C. She shares important information about the exciting advocacy and social media campaign dealers will join this summer in lieu of a traditional 2021 fly-in, and the cutting-edge tools AIADA will make available to them.