Auto Dealers React to President Trump’s Mexican Tariff Threat

Cody Lusk, President and CEO of the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA), which represents America’s 9,600 international nameplate franchises and their 578,000 employees, has released a statement in response to President Trump’s latest tariff threat.

Dealer Teamwork joins AIADA to Provide Members with the Power of Online Centralized Content Distribution

Alexandria, VA (April 1) – The American International Auto Dealers Association (AIADA) today announced a new Affinity Partnership with Dealer Teamwork. Dealer Teamwork is an industry leader focused on saving hours and even days’ worth of work merchandising their inventory for digital channels with their patented platform, known as The MPOP®. It also has done more than improve speed-to-market; it has improved the quality of advertising and website traffic by allowing dealers to push relevant transactional data to their linked marketing channels instantly.

Auto Dealers Respond to the Department of Commerce's 232 National Security Report

Dealers, their employees, and the communities they serve are being treated like pawns by their government. AIADA urges both President Trump and the Department of Commerce to come forward and unequivocally confirm what we already know: imported autos and auto parts are NOT a national security threat.