On EVs, the Battle Continues

In April, I traveled to Washington, D.C., for meetings on Capitol Hill. As AIADA Chairman, I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of dealer engagement on a number of federal issues, and I am committed to do my part to ensure that the voices of AIADA’s members are heard by lawmakers.

New EPA Ruling on EVs Ignores Consumers

As a dealer, I’ve long understood one of the most basic tenets to running a successful retail operation: Listen to your customers!

Brownlee Speaks Out

When I first began considering a name for my AIADA Chairman’s column, I knew I wanted to honor the people who have mentored and guided me to where I am today. I landed on ‘Brownlee Speaks Out’ because it reminded me of my father. Everyone who knew him called him by his last name, and everyone who knew him also knew at least a few of his strongly held opinions.