History Repeats Itself

During this past week, I read Destiny of the Republic, the story of the history, election, and death of President James Garfield. It is a fascinating account and I highly recommend the book.

Congress Enters the Red Zone

Right now for Congress watchers it is the witching hour — the lame duck month at the end of a two year term of Congress. Anything can happen and often does.

On EV Credits, Dealers' Voices Must be Heard

Through its embrace of new EV tax credit language, our Congress has thrown us into an unnecessary trade dispute with the EU, South Korea, and Japan.

Elections Have Consequences

Elections have consequences. Heard that one before? Well, it is a true statement and impacts our industry at least every two years.

Strength in Numbers

One of the greatest challenges international nameplate dealers face in Washington, D.C., is convincing lawmakers that our stores and brands are fully integrated into the fabric of the American economy.