A Dealer's Resolution

As the holiday season bears down on us, dealers have already begun to plan and prepare for a New Year.


Truthfully, I should be thanking my lucky stars all year long. But for lots of reasons, and like many Americans, this seems to be the time of year I am most focused on the blessings in my life. As I take stock of what I have, I am, as always, bowled over by my gratitude.

The Bad Kind of Scary

I’m a serious adrenaline junkie. Need a friend to bike down a mountain with you? Jump out of a plane? SCUBA with a great white? I’m your man. That might be why I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, and the frights that come with it. Blood, guts, and candy – what’s not to love?

Partners United

AIADA has long viewed our manufacturer partners as allies in our mission to preserve and promote dealer interests in Washington, D.C. We understand that the auto retail industry operates most efficiently within the framework of a strong dealers/manufacturers partnership.

An Uncertain Forecast

Last week, I traveled to D.C. to find the swamp as hot and sticky as ever, but strangely quiet.