On EVs, Congress Zigs while the EPA Zags

The auto industry has been receiving two distinct messages on electric vehicles from Capitol Hill, contradicting each other, and ensuring that America’s transition to green energy remains as convoluted as possible.

Bad Trade Policy is the Worst Kind of Sequel

Terrible trade policy seems particularly resilient in D.C., fueled by two political parties both vying to be the “Buy American” party – despite decades of data proving that such policies fail the American worker, the American consumer, and the American economy every time they are implemented.

Be Prepared

Last month, I accepted AIADA’s Chairman’s gavel from 2022 Chairman John Connelly. I was honored to be elected to the position, especially when considering some of the impressive and talented dealers who have occupied it in recent years. I’m truly looking forward to serving this organization that has been so integral to the success of international nameplate dealers over the past 50+ years, and I’m excited to get started on the important work ahead.