Some Good News (For a Change)

These days, good news is hard to come by. Turn on the TV, or open Twitter, and you are confronted with a cavalcade of awfulness. A pandemic, a floundering economy, political unrest – there’s not a lot to cheer about.

When Times Seem Bad, Dealers Do Good

The 4th of July this year felt a little strange. And it wasn’t just the lack of fireworks shows or social distancing. At a time when we normally celebrate our union, our country is deeply mired in disunity.

Count on AIADA

We fill out the census, because failure to do so could result in losing valuable representation in Washington, D.C., and missing out on important government resources for your community. As Americans, we stand up to be counted. It is equally important, as international nameplate dealers, to stand up and be counted.

PPP Loans: Preparing For What Comes Next

Dealers who have received PPP loans don’t need to be worried about defending their choices, but they should be prepared to concisely lay out their reasoning for applying for the loan.

Help Wanted

For once, there isn’t a single help wanted sign in either of our Honda stores. But dealers still need help.