Fall Brings New Developments on Trade

Autumn has been an eventful season for trade, including the signing of the renegotiated U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) and the finalizing of a trilateral agreement on what was NAFTA, now known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.

NAFTA? We Hafta

Contentious NAFTA negotiations are once again making headlines. U.S. and Mexican official have signed a tentative deal – meaning the official clock is ticking on a final NAFTA agreement. However, at this point Canada has not agreed to anything – a major roadblock to renegotiating this vital trilateral agreement.

Where We Stand on Tariffs

Lately, no matter where I go, everyone is asking me the same questions: what’s happening with these auto tariffs? Is the president really going to put a 20 percent tax on imported vehicles?

Dealers Should Worry About Potential New Tariffs

In Salt lake City, Utah, where my family’s dealerships are located, it’s easy to feel removed from the politics of Washington, D.C. Most of the time, that’s a good thing. Until recently, all of that distance acted as a nice buffer zone, allowing me to focus on my stores while tuning out the noise. Since becoming AIADA Chairman in January, that’s all changed.

The Time is Right for a Dealer Visit

Recently, dealers gathered in Las Vegas to attend NADA’s annual convention. For international nameplate dealers, whose unique concerns are represented in Washington, D.C., by AIADA, the convention was an opportunity to gather and discuss the new threats facing our stores and our brands. At AIADA’s 38th annual luncheon and meeting, held during the convention, talk centered on global trade, and how we as dealers can defend the policies that have allowed our businesses to grow.