Paying Consumers to Buy Union-Built Vehicles is Un-American

In my last blog post, I wrote that President Biden’s buy-American, pro-union rhetoric “scared the heck out of me.” It would have been nice to have my fears proven unfounded, but instead, just a couple weeks after I wrote those words, Democrats in the Senate moved to tie electric vehicle incentives not just to vehicles built in U.S. plants, but to vehicles built in UNIONIZED U.S. plants.

When Political Talk Isn't Cheap

I don’t typically get too fired up over political speeches. After all, talk is cheap. I pay attention to actual legislation and what I can do, along with AIADA, to influence it. In this case, however, dealers everywhere should take notice. Because Joe Biden’s talk might not be cheap at all. It might be very, very expensive for international nameplate dealers.

In Hard Times, Dealers Turn to Advocacy

We’re the dealers who have never been satisfied by the status quo and have always had to fight to get a fair shake for our stores and brands. A pandemic won’t stop us, and the growing numbers of Dealer Visit reports coming across my desk are just more proof of that.

Dealers Will Go to the Mountain

Last week, I accepted the Chairman’s gavel via Zoom link. It’s safe to say that wasn’t how I pictured my first day on the job.