International Nameplate Dealers are Under Attack

For months now a federal budget provision has been working its way through committee rooms, both in the Senate and the House of Representatives, which would offer consumers additional tax credits if they purchase an electric vehicle assembled in a union-represented plant.

When It Comes to White House Photo Ops, Our Brands Don’t Make the Cut

Last week, President Biden stood on the White House lawn, flanked by Detroit-based automotive CEOs and UAW officials, to announce an ambitious (but non-binding) pledge to ensure 40-50 percent of all auto sales in 2030 are zero emission vehicles. It’s a big and bold plan, designed to generate headlines, but is it feasible?

Focus on Dealership Careers

Earlier this week I joined a panel for Capitol Hill lawmakers and their staff highlighting the incredible contributions of America’s international nameplate workforce.

Summer’s Hottest New Trend? Human Connection

In an era when nearly everything that can be automated is – from medical treatments to check out lines – human connection is more valuable than ever.

Paying Consumers to Buy Union-Built Vehicles is Un-American

In my last blog post, I wrote that President Biden’s buy-American, pro-union rhetoric “scared the heck out of me.” It would have been nice to have my fears proven unfounded, but instead, just a couple weeks after I wrote those words, Democrats in the Senate moved to tie electric vehicle incentives not just to vehicles built in U.S. plants, but to vehicles built in UNIONIZED U.S. plants.