Used Car Super Session

The used car guys are back! Join Bob Grill, Senior Partner Development Manager at Carfax, Mike Rossman, Automotive Consultant, and Doug Hadden, Vice President, Field Initiatives at ACV, as they share some innovative and contemporary best practices to address the current used car sourcing challenges and more!

Kerrigan Advisors Presents: the 2023 Buy/Sell Market Outlook

After a record-breaking buy/sell market over the last three years, will the number of transactions and valuations soften in 2023? In this webinar, Kerrigan Advisors will present highlights from its recently released 2022 Annual Blue Sky Report, including trends impacting the buy/sell market and our outlook for blue sky and real estate values in 2023.

5 Ways Your Auto Dealership Customers Are Trying to Connect with You

The car buying customer journey is riddled with touchpoints and opportunities to connect. But is your dealership showing up in the right channels? Now, more than ever before, customer communication is critical to finding new leads, increasing sales, and earning repeat business and online reviews. Find out how your customers are trying to connect to you and what you can do to make the most out of every channel.

Supporting Roles That Can Impact Your Top Revenue Generators

When leadership in any business is pushed to reduce costs, where do they look first? One of the areas they always look at is non revenue generating positions or unapplied labor. Join Mike Bornhorst, President and Part Owner of Citrin as he talks to some important questions such as: Does reducing unapplied labor (service porters, shuttle drivers, cash wash attendants, valets, cashiers, sales lot attendants) really save your dealership money? and more!