Social Media Toolkit

You've hosted a Dealer Visit, written letters, and made phone calls to your legislators letting them know about the federal issues that matter to your dealership. But, there's another way to stay connected on a regular basis--social media provides you with an ongoing link to your federal elected officials, allowing you to let them know about your concerns and make your voice heard.

We've made it simple to engage with AIADA and your senators and representatives on your social media channels with this toolkit. 


Tweet at your members of Congress and tag @AIADA_News to let us know you're joining the conversation. 

Twitter Handles to Follow


  • #DontTaxMyRide
  • #AIADANews
  • #Tariffs
  • #NAFTAWorks
  • #NAFTA
  • #HereForAmerica
  • #Trade4USJobs
  • #YouAutoKnowNow 

Sample Tweets 

  • #Tariffs are taxes, and cars are not a security threat. #DontTaxMyRide
  • A 25% auto tariff would increase the price of a $30K car by $6,400. #DontTaxMyRide 
  • A 25% auto tariff would decrease annual vehicle sales by as much as 2M. #DontTaxMyRide 
  • DYK that 9,600 intl dealerships like mine employ more than 577K Americans? Find out what #youautonownow:
  • [Insert member of Congress Twitter handle here]: Intl nameplate dealerships provide over half of all U.S. dealership employment.
  • Intl nameplate dealerships like mine sold 8.4M vehicles to Americans last year, [Insert member of Congress handle here]. 
  • 25% #tariffs on imported vehicles would increase the average cost of a $30K car by $6,400. 
  • 25% #tariffs on imported vehicles would result in a loss of 624K American jobs. Those jobs count, including the 577K employed at intl nameplate dealerships across the country. 
  • Agreements like #NAFTA help support 7 million jobs in America’s #auto industry, including XX at my own dealership[s]. #NAFTAWorks 
  • #NAFTA has helped dealerships like mine provide our customers with more vehicle options at lower prices. That’s a win! #NAFTAWorks 


"Like" AIADA on Facebook and tag us with "American International Automobile Dealers Association" when you post or share about your dealership. 

AIADA's Facebook Page

Sample Facebook Posts

  • International dealerships like mine sold 8.4 million vehicles to Americans last year. We rely on global trade to provide reliable, affordable transportation options to our customers and employ more than 577,000 Americans with a payroll of $32 billion nationally. Read more:
  • Here are a few things you might not know about my dealership: I'm one of 9,600 international nameplate dealership franchises across the country. Together, our vehicle sales last year accounted for 59 percent of the American auto market. We're investing in every state in America.

Content to Share 

Use these resources to spread the word about our industry and its value to America. Check back often for updated information, statistics, and other resources to share on your social media channels. 

2017 Industry Economic Impact Report: International Automakers and Dealers in America 

Map: International Dealers and Automakers Across America



Graphic: A 25% tariff on auto imports would cost 624,000 American jobs

Graphic: A 25% tariff on auto imports would cost the U.S. auto industry 1 million vehicles in annual sales 

Graphic: A 25% tariff on auto imports would cause production in the U.S. auto industry to fall by 4%


Graphic: Americans purchase 17.4 million vehicles at auto dealerships

Graphic: Without NAFTA, vehicle costs would increase and overall U.S. auto sales would decrease

Video: NAFTA is Working for Americans