International Automakers and Dealers in America

In the span of less than a generation, we’ve seen the reinvention of the automobile industry in the United States. Much, if not most, of that has been driven by international auto manufacturers who conduct research and development, invest in plants and equipment, and build cars and light trucks in America. Together, international automakers and international nameplate dealers are employing Americans in everincreasing numbers. 


- The top five American-made vehicles, in terms of U.S. content, are manufactured by international automakers. 

- International nameplate dealers are responsible for 59 percent of retail vehicle sales in the U.S. 

- Almost half of the cars and light trucks produced in the U.S. roll off assembly lines at plants operated by international automakers, whose annual production has more than doubled in the past 15 years. 

- More than half of all U.S. new vehicle dealerships jobs are created by international nameplate dealers. International automakers have invested more than $75 billion into U.S. operations with manufacturing plants in 14 states and R&D facilities in 16 states. 

- The economic activity of international automakers and dealers in America generated $28 billion in state and local tax receipts and other revenues and $39 billion in federal tax receipts and other revenue for the federal government in 2016. 

As you'll see in this publication, the resurgence of the auto industry in the U.S. is concrete proof of the benefits of an open economy that welcomes investment, competition, and innovation. 

International Automakers and Dealers in America is a joint effort of the Association of Global Automakers and the American International Automobile Dealers Association. 


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