International Trade

International Trade

International trade is at the heart of America’s international nameplate auto industry. Because of this, trade is AIADA’s top legislative priority. The association focuses its efforts on preserving open markets, combatting protectionist sentiment, and supporting trade agreements between the U.S. and nations around the globe. 

AIADA supports open markets. 
  • The association has worked on a bipartisan basis to help Congress recognize the value of open markets to dealers and the U.S. economy. AIADA has been a consistent supporter of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which provides teh President with the authority necessary to negotiate trade agreements and then submit them to Congress for an up or down vote. 
AIADA opposes protectionist policies.  
  • The international nameplate auto industry is growing and thriving in the U.S., bringing new meaning to the definition of an “American car.” AIADA combats sentiments that would close America’s market off from the jobs and economic investment the international nameplate auto industry brings to the U.S.
AIADA supports U.S. trade agreements. 
  • Free trade agreements only improve America’s competitiveness across the globe by providing access to rapidly growing markets. AIADA actively lobbies on behalf of trade agreements that help enable international nameplate dealers to grow and thrive. 

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Our Work on Trade

232 National Security Tariffs


Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)

U.S.-Japan Free Trade Agreement

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

U.S.-EU Negotiations/T-TIP

Benefits of Trade

Exchange Rates and the International Automobile Market

Dealers on Trade

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