These Car Models Are So Hot They're Flying Off Car Dealers' Lots

First Up 03/14/19

Chairman's Blog: What Are You Waiting For?
Toyota’s Bob Carter urged you to attend when he spoke at our Annual Meeting in San Francisco. You’ve received countless e-mails, pamphlets, and letters touting the event. You’ve seen the numbers detailing what a 25 percent tariff on imported autos and auto parts would do to your business. If you’re not planning to attend AIADA’s Washington, D.C., Auto Tariff Fly-In at this point, Chairman Howard Hakes writes in today’s blog post that he’s not sure what he can say to convince you. Maybe you don’t think such damaging auto tariffs would ever really be put in place. I hope you’re right, but I’ll remind you that the steel and aluminum industries thought the same thing. Hundreds of dealers will be in D.C. or the Fly-In, and you should be one of them. Don’t count on others to do the heavy lifting. Show up, and show you care. Tariffs are a serious threat to dealers, and lawmakers need to hear from us. Be part of the solution by clicking here to register for AIADA’s annual Fly-In April 9 and 10 in Washington, D.C. Read more here. 

Democrats Cool Toward NAFTA Replacement
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives gave a cool reception to the replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement on Wednesday as the top U.S. trade negotiator opened a campaign to win broad support for the accord in Congress. According to Automotive News, several Democrats said a closed-door meeting between United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and their caucus failed to ease their concerns about the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement's provisions on labor, biologic drugs and some other issues. The support of Democrats, who control the House, is considered important to passage of the USMCA, and Wednesday's meeting at the U.S. Capitol signaled that the Trump administration has a lot of work to do to address the party's concerns. Democrats questioned whether new labor standards aimed at ensuring workers have the right to organize can be adequately enforced, as this depends partly on Mexico passing new labor laws. Read more here. 

U.S. Rep. Upton Files Bill to Block Import Car Tariffs
U.S. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) is introducing legislation that would block President Donald Trump from imposing tariffs on imported cars as high as 25 percent, at least in the near term. According to The Detroit News, Upton said Wednesday he is co-sponsoring  bipartisan legislation with U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Ala.) to block Trump from imposing tariffs on imported cars and parts until the International Trade Commission conducts "a comprehensive study on the economic importance of automotive manufacturing in America." He said, "Countless jobs in Michigan and across the country depend on America’s automotive industry.” Sewell, whose home state is home to plants that are operated by Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, added in a statement: “The president’s tariff trade policy threatens U.S. auto workers, including nearly 40,000 hardworking men and women in Alabama alone." Read more here. 

These Car Models Are So Hot They're Flying Off Car Dealers' Lots
New models and long-time favorites share the list of the 26 quickest-selling vehicles in the United States last year, reports USA Today. The level of demand is based on the number of days it takes for a dealer to sell a car, also known as days to turn, with top movers taking from 19.9 days to 46.6 days to find buyers. Though consumers show a preference for familiar models that have been refreshed multiple times over decades, there are some surprises at the top of the list, where there are a trio of brand-new models. With consumers preferences shifting to crossovers and SUVs in the last decade, it comes as no surprise to find these types of vehicles dwarfing competitors in sales and sales speed. A mere handful of sedans are represented on the list compared with 17 SUVs and crossovers. Perhaps surprisingly, only one pickup appears in the lineup, the Toyota Tacoma. A coupe and a pair of hatchbacks round out the roster. Read more here. 

Porsche, Buick Tops in Service, Power Study Finds
Automotive News reports that Porsche ranked highest among luxury brands in customer satisfaction with dealer service and Buick, for the third straight year, topped all mass-market brands in J.D. Power's latest Customer Service Index study. Porsche, with a score of 893 on a 1,000-point scale, gained 19 points over last year's score (874), supplanting Infiniti, which topped the survey of luxury brands for the first time in 2018 but fell to fourth place in the 2019 study. Lexus ranked second among luxury brands with a score of 881, up from 871, followed by Cadillac in third (880 points), Infiniti (878), and Mercedes-Benz (870). Acura's score rose the most – 21 points – to 866, or sixth place. Land Rover's service satisfaction score dropped 31 points to 781, leaving the brand in last place – and 81 points below the luxury brand average of 862. Overall, five luxury brands – Audi, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover – scored below the average luxury brand score, which was flat. Read more here. 


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