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Chairman's Blog: Hakes' Takes 03/14/19

Toyota’s Bob Carter urged you to attend when he spoke at our Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

You’ve received countless e-mails, pamphlets, and letters touting the event.

You’ve seen the numbers detailing what a 25 percent tariff on imported autos and auto parts would do to your business.

If you’re not planning to attend AIADA’s Washington, D.C., Auto Tariff Fly-In at this point, I’m not sure what I can say to convince you. Maybe you don’t think such damaging auto tariffs would ever really be put in place. I hope you’re right, but I’ll remind you that the steel and aluminum industries thought the same thing. Maybe you’re not concerned about the 117,500 dealership jobs that would be lost. Or the two million unit drop in annual sales. Or the $66.5 billion decline in dealer revenues.

All I can say is: I am concerned. My stores are on the line. And even if you don’t realize it, yours are too. Hundreds of dealers will be in D.C. or the Fly-In, and you should be one of them. Don’t count on others to do the heavy lifting. Show up, and show you care.

Already, sales forecasts are down due to uncertainty over tariffs. Imagine what will happen if the tariffs are put into place. Too catastrophic to contemplate? I hope not. I hope you think about it long and hard, and decide to join me in taking action.

Tariffs are a serious threat to dealers, and lawmakers need to hear from us. Be part of the solution by clicking here to register for AIADA’s annual Fly-In April 9 and 10 in Washington, D.C.

Howard Hakes
2019 AIADA Chairman

Chairman's Blog: Hakes' Takes

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