U.S. Says About 20 Models Will Get EV Credits Through End of 2022 After Biden Signs Tax-Climate Bill

First Up 08/17/22

U.S. Says About 20 Models Will Get EV Credits Through End of 2022 After Biden Signs Tax-Climate Bill

President Joe Biden signed the sweeping tax, climate and health-care measure into law on Tuesday. Automotive News reports the Biden administration said about 20 models will still qualify for electric vehicle tax credits of up to $7,500 through the end of 2022 under the legislation. Click here to see which EVs are eligible for tax credits. The law signed Tuesday immediately ends credits for about 70 percent of the 72 models that were previously eligible, said the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, an industry trade group. To qualify, EVs must now be assembled in North America. Click here to see guidance from the IRS. AIADA President and CEO Cody Lusk released the following statement. “With yesterday’s enactment of the IRA, the number of electric vehicles sold in the U.S. eligible for a tax credit has plummeted. No vehicles assembled outside of North America are currently eligible for a credit, and until the end of the year the cap of 200,000 units still applies to manufacturers. AIADA will continue to work in Washington, D.C., to clarify elements of this legislation and to communicate vital information to both dealers and consumers.” Click here for the full story.

Making Electric-Vehicle Charging Customer-centric

When it comes to at-home charging, the electric-vehicle community needs to think bigger. Many OEMs and charging companies are developing small-scale efforts to help individual utilities integrate more EVs into their own charging programs. But with more than 70 percent of EV owners primarily charging at home, these companies are missing out if they don’t create full, end-to-end charging experiences for their customers reports Wards. Companies need to shift from a utility-first mindset to thinking about charging in a holistic, customer-centric way. At its core, customer-centric charging focuses on the customer’s economic, environmental and performance objectives. This is different from traditional incentives and programs that focus on grid benefits and greater demand flexibility. While grid benefits certainly are important, they tend to ignore customers and their priorities. By accessing their customers’ account-level energy data and accurate utility bills, EV companies can provide greater customer value and own a central part of the EV experience while creating a charging program that benefits EV drivers, automakers and utilities alike. Click here for the full story.

As 2025 Approaches, Jaguar Begins Polishing Image as an Elite Lifestyle Brand

Jaguar's metamorphosis into an ultraluxury brand is underway. The change starts with creating a more upscale perception of the iconic British luxury brand in consumers' minds. Automotive News reports the undertaking began Aug. 8 with a new marketing campaign that features ads and videos for upscale magazines. The lifestyle ads aim to position Jaguar as the pinnacle of luxury, right up there with such exclusive European brands as Cartier jewelry and Hermes and Balenciaga fashions. "We are actually part of that world, but we don't really communicate the brand in that way. We are quite rooted in automotive tradition," said Stuart Schorr, vice president of communications for Jaguar Land Rover North America. "And as we try and elevate and move into the future, sometimes you just need a strong break." When Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore in 2021 rolled out his Reimagine plan that will see the current generation of Jaguars end production and be replaced by an array of ultraluxury electric vehicles in 2025, he dropped a hint of the long-term goal for Jaguar and also Land Rover: Create the world's most desirable luxury vehicles. Click here for the full story.

Volkswagen Is Considering an ID.Buzz Electric Pickup Truck

Recent reports from Europe suggest Volkswagen has filed patents for a pickup truck based on the all-electric ID.Buzz. This is according to Germany's Auto Bild, which reports that the automaker has confirmed the patents' existence. The VW Group is exploring how viable the potential offering is and seeing whether there is space for such a vehicle in a crowded commercial segment. Volkswagen is expected to launch a commercial variant of its electric van, so the idea of a pickup variant isn't entirely out of the question. VW even teased a design concept on Twitter earlier this year. The automaker has a long history of offering van-based pickup trucks. In an exclusive interview with CarBuzz, VW America's Hein Schafer said an ID.Buzz-based pickup may prove tricky. "I think probably the old-school T2 double cab pickup concept might be a little bit quirky for ID.Buzz," he said. "We are already looking at how we can modify [the MEB] platform to get the ride height up, to get the off-roading capability slightly better, to get the towing capacity, to get the carrying capacity so that we can produce a real, reputable pickup truck." Click here for the full story.

6 Dealership Events That Can Build Brand Loyalty in Your Community

Are you looking for a way to build brand loyalty while attracting and retaining new customers? Your dealership could serve a dual purpose of holding an event while also allowing you to introduce your new and old customers to your vehicle inventory. Not sure what type of dealership events to offer? CBT News has got you covered with a few ideas. Have new car reveals: Drivers may already be keeping up with the latest news about a preferred automaker’s new models, like the Toyota Corolla Cross or Cadillac Lyriq. For this reason, it’s a great idea to have an event to unveil a new car model and introduce customers to its features. Not only does this help you get customers in your door, but it can allow you to answer any questions they have, offer them a test drive, and encourage them to sign up for updates on pre-ordering. Click here for five more ideas to help build brand loyalty in your community.

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