Become a Partner

In order to benefit its members, AIADA is partnered with companies that offer dealers best-in-class and innovative products and services. AIADA members now have access to goods and benefits that can boost their businesses - whether by increasing profits, reducing costs, or improving their operating expenses.

Our Member Benefits Program features our Affinity Partners, whose products and services are exclusively endorsed and promoted by the association with the following strategic objectives:

  1. Increase member satisfaction with and participation in the association
  2. Increase Affinity Partners' market share, profitability and brand recognition in the automobile dealer market
  3. Provide non-dues revenue to the association which allows us to invest in additional programs and services to benefit our members' economic well-being.

To achieve these objectives, the Member Benefits Program has a 'narrow and deep' approach - we have a limited number of Affinity Partners in the program, and each partner is strongly promoted with a multi-dimensional marketing plan that is tailored to each partner's unique requirements. Our approach differentiates us from other automotive trade associations and takes advantage of our unique position within the industry.

Prospective partners need to be able to sell and support on a national basis. They also need to be financially stable and committed to the automotive market. Ideally each partner would be able to create a unique offering for our members- something they can't get from that partner if they are not an AIADA member.

To learn more, contact Member Services or at 1-800-GO-AIADA.