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House Subcommittee Advances Right to Repair Legislation

Yesterday the House Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee passed the Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act which purports “to ensure consumers have access to data relating to their motor vehicles, critical repair information, and tools, and to provide them choices for maintenance, service, and repair of their motor vehicles.” AIADA joined with a coalition of industry groups on a letter in opposition to the legislation, citing privacy, safety and cybersecurity concerns, and highlighting that the bill amounts to a solution in search of a problem.

In July, automakers and independent repair shops announced a renewed agreement affirming that independent repair shops will continue to have access to the same diagnostic and repair information automakers make available to dealers, including data needed to diagnose and repair a vehicle, and also covers all vehicle technologies and powertrains, including battery-electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. Next, the legislation moves onto the full Committee, where it could be considered as soon as after Thanksgiving.

UAW Strike

The United Auto Workers has now reached tentative deals with all three of the Detroit automakers, announcing earlier this week that they had reached terms with both Stellantis and General Motors.  The union had previously reached a tentative agreement with Ford Motor Company last week.  If all of the contracts are ratified by UAW members, it will officially end the approximately six week long strike.


Ask Congress to Sign Letter on EPA Tailpipe Rule

Today the House of Representatives will consider the Interior-Environment Appropriations bill, which includes language to prevent the EPA from spending funds to finalize or implement the EPA’s proposed Tailpipe Emissions Rule.Members of Congress are preparing a letter to leadership that urges them to fight to preserve that language. If they have not already done so, AIADA Members are urged to ask their Members of Congress to cosign Rep. Lisa McClain’s (R-MI) EPA Tailpipe letter TODAY. 

Quote of the Week

I repeat, independent repair shops have and have had all the info. they need to diagnose & repair issues today, tomorrow & into the future. So, to be blunt, the REPAIR Act aims to address a problem that in reality does not exist.”

            -Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) (


In case you missed it, the U.S. Treasury Department and IRS on Wednesday opened registration for car dealers to receive direct payments for transferred electric vehicle tax credits when the option becomes available to consumers next year. Dealers must be registered via the new website — called IRS Energy Credits Online — for their customers to claim or transfer federal tax credits and use those funds as a down payment for eligible new- and used-EV purchases. NADA will be joined by the IRS on a webinar for dealers on how to use the new website on Monday, November 6th.

Friday Feel Good

Here is just one recent example of how dealers are doing good:

The Gettel Automotive Group‘s Gettel Foundation donated $25,000 to The Professionals Academy Magnet at Lofton High School, Automotive Technology Program, Gainesville, Florida and $25,000 to the Parrish Community High School, Automotive Technology, Parrish, Florida for a total of $50,000. The Automotive Technology programs are designed to equip students not only for immediate employment in the automotive sector, but also to empower students for additional specialized training.

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