Tariffs Are Taxes on Americans Like You

For the month of May, the Here for America coalition – of which AIADA is a member – is letting policymakers know that new tariffs on autos and parts would hurt every day Americans, including auto dealers. The campaign, featuring auto dealers, mechanics, farmers, and others, demonstrates that tariffs are essentially taxes on consumers and would raise prices on ALL vehicles, whether they are built in the U.S. or imported. Tariffs will hurt American auto workers. They will hurt families and will cost jobs.

Here for America tells the story of international automakers, their ever-growing impact on the U.S. economy, and the benefits they provide to local communities. The contributions of international automakers and dealers are integral to the success of today's U.S. auto industry, the most vibrant and competitive auto market in the world. 

Click here to learn more about efforts to let Washington know that tariffs are taxes on every day American consumers.

Click here to watch one of the ads, featuring an auto dealer who says tariffs would make vehicles more expensive.