How Tesla Opening Its Supercharger Network Alters the EV Charging Map

American car buyers are increasingly choosing electric vehicles, but the country’s map of public highway chargers has a lot of gaps. Those blank spots are seen as a big hurdle to wider EV adoption, and EV market leader Tesla Inc. has started to fill a few of them in.

EV Adoption Targets Are Unachievable, Say 59% of Auto Industry Experts

Six months ago, the news was dominated by stories suggesting combustion cars would be pretty much extinct across large parts of the world 15 years from now. The EU and California were poised to impose zero-emissions limits from 2035 and other states were getting ready to follow suit. But now the cracks are beginning to appear.

Nissan Sees Price Parity for EVs and E-Power Vehicles

In a push to sell less-costly, better-performing electrified vehicles, Nissan is planning a next-generation electric powertrain lineup that will debut in 2026. The new technology will enable Nissan to achieve price parity between its internal-combustion offerings and its e-Power hybrid offerings in 2026 and its full-electric and gasoline-burning vehicles in 2030, reports Automotive News.

Porsche, Ferrari Push E-Fuels at the Heart of Europe's ICE Ban Debate

Porsche and Ferrari are at the center of an EU debate about a plan to kill the combustion engine — and they are changing the conversation. The automakers are seeking a carveout for synthetic e-fuels from the EU’s planned 2035 ban on new internal combustion engine vehicles.