Nearly 5,000 Dealerships Send Second Letter Urging Biden to 'Hit the Brakes' on EV Push

First Up 01/26/24

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Headquarter Toyota was the title sponsor for the fourth year in a row for the Miami Lakes Reindeer Run. This year’s Reindeer Run 5K attracted 500 runners to Business Park West in support of veterans causes. Judy Farcus Serra, chief financial officer for Headquarter Automotive Group and a member of the Miami Lakes Veterans Committee, said the event raised just over $50,000. The committee is hoping to use the money for scholarships for the children of Miami Lakes veterans, she said. Click here to view the full story and view photos.

Nearly 5,000 Dealerships Send Second Letter Urging Biden to 'Hit the Brakes' on EV Push

A coalition of nearly 5,000 car dealerships on Thursday sent a second letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to "hit the brakes" on an EPA proposal that is expected to be finalized this year. It comes after nearly 4,000 dealerships in November sent a letter calling on Biden to reconsider the proposed regulations, which they argue would mandate an unrealistic shift to battery-electric vehicles in the U.S. Biden and his administration have yet to respond to the first letter. Both letters to Biden have been spearheaded by Mickey Anderson, CEO of Baxter Auto Group, which operates 20 dealerships in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado that sell brands including Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Anderson argued BEVs are "impractical" for many U.S. customers, citing reports of cold-weather conditions affecting EV battery performance and frustrating owners. "The tragedy here is that if the manufacturers were truly free to build the cars that customers today are preferring, we would be selling far more plug-in EVs and hybrids," he told Automotive News. "I don't think it would do anything to diminish the 7 or 8 percent current demand, but there would be more investments made in these other alternative technologies." Click here for the full story.

Vehicle Theft on the Rise at Dealerships. Here’s How Retailers Are Protecting Inventory

Dealer Adam Huff of Fred Martin Superstore, a Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram dealership off I-76 in the Akron, Ohio, suburb of Barberton, thought his business did a good job with vehicle theft prevention until 2022. That's when the dealership had to file crime reports for 12 vehicles stolen from its 14-acre campus, in addition to thieves running off with catalytic converters and tires. Most of the stolen cars were V-8-powered Dodge Challengers and Chargers, along with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Dodge Durango SRT. "They would come in and use a device that would copy keys or key codes during the daytime, and they'd come back later at night and steal the car," Huff told Automotive News. Fred Martin Superstore losses from the theft of new and used vehicles and catalytic converters in 2022 totaled $346,000, he said. "That just required us to up our game in what we were doing," said Huff, whose dealership sells about 150 new and 300 used vehicles a month. Click here for the full story.

Will the BEV Signal the End of the Classic Car?

For anyone even lightly enamored with automobiles, it’s enormously satisfying to see a well-kept vintage car chugging down the road. Some of the most beautiful cars built in the decades before most of us were born are still motoring along thanks to the efforts of dedicated owners and restorers. This, of course, only applies to models with serviceable internal-combustion engines, steam engines or electric vehicles with replaceable lead-acid batteries, such as Germany's Flocken Elektrowagen of 1888 still in working order today. According to Wards, modern battery-electric vehicles on our roads today are still too young to get the classic car treatment. Yet, there’s another major factor that’ll keep collectors away from them: Most have a very limited lifespan. At the heart of this problem is the component that makes a BEV a BEV. “The primary factor limiting EV longevity is battery degradation. Lithium-ion batteries, used in most EVs, lose capacity over time,” says Rob Dillan of EVHype. According to Dillan, that capacity loss amounts to roughly 2.3 percent per year. That figure can be higher if factors such as extreme weather and heavy use of rapid charging solutions are accounted for. Click here for the full story.

Best New Convertibles for 2024 and 2025

If you’re here, then you’re already in the right mindset. Convertibles rule, and Autoblog has all the best convertibles listed for you further below. Driving around with the top off is an experience you need to live to fall in love with. When the weather’s right, you’re on a proper bit of road, and the car you’re in is a good one, few automotive experiences can top it. The experience is extra special when you have a musical exhaust note filtering directly into your ears and echoing off the landscape around you. And while rolling the windows down and opening a moonroof can get you part of the way there, it's nothing like feeling the wind wash over you with absolutely no roof overhead. It’s a good thing then that there are a ton of great convertibles for sale these days. And no, the list of possibilities isn’t as long as it used to be. Long-running standbys like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class Convertibles are gone (replaced by the one CLE-Class). And so are others like the Audi TT Roadster, Fiat 124 Spider and Nissan Z Roadster. Click here to view the full list.

AIADA Affinity Partner Happenings at 2024 NADA Convention

AIADA's Member Benefits Program is one of the most valuable services AIADA provides to its members. AIADA partners with best-in-class companies to provide members with exclusive values on the goods and services they need to succeed in a competitive business environment. While you're in Las Vegas, make sure to check out AIADA's Affinity Partners. Click here for a quick reference guide on where to find them at NADA 2024!

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