EV Buyers Want Public Charging Experience to Have Gas Station Amenities, Autopacific Says

First Up 02/23/24

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EV Buyers Want Public Charging Experience to Have Gas Station Amenities, Autopacific Says

Electric vehicle owners and those who would consider an EV want the amenities of gas stations applied to their public charging experience, according to a study developed last fall by AutoPacific. In August, AutoPacific surveyed more than 7,200 EV owners and accepters — individuals who would consider or intend to purchase an EV as their next vehicle — about attributes for an ideal public charging experience, reports Automotive News. EV owners and accepters said they wanted public charging stations to have signs for charging speed and price that are easy to see and read, a well-lit and covered charging location, Wi-Fi access and basic vehicle care services, such as windshield cleaner, air pumps for filling tires and vacuums. Among both owners and accepters, more than 86 percent said clear signs and covered, well-lit chargers are important to them. AutoPacific asked only the more than the 7,200 EV owners and accepters about their public charging experiences. Consumers with no interest in EVs were not asked about charging. Click here for the full story.

Sense of Mission Essential for Family-owned Dealerships, Consultant Says

As consolidation continues in the retail automotive segment, family-owned dealerships face increasing pressure to up their operating game. One crucial aspect of remaining competitive is ensuring that your dealership has a professional business approach without losing that family-owned ambiance, says Champ Rawls, business succession planner at The Rawls Group. “It is essential to promote your dealership as a local family-owned business while also incorporating the formalities of successful dealers and public companies,” he tells WardsAuto. Family-owned dealerships have well-known local names and reputations, Rawls says, and that is something to hang on to. “Double down on the ‘family,’” he says. “It is a cliché, but do everything possible to promote the family business.” That doesn’t mean forgetting the professional business aspect, however, Rawls cautions. The thing The Rawls Group sees family-owned dealerships struggle most with is what Rawls calls “being mom-and-poppy.” Retail automotive is not a mom-and-pop business anymore, he says. If a dealership can professionalize, it can better monetize its family-owned strengths, Rawls says. Click here for the full story.

2024 Honda Prologue First Drive Review: A Perfectly Fine Electric Family Crossover

Honda hasn’t been the fastest mover in electrification, but the 2024 Honda Prologue is a step in the right direction. When a car company starts planning a new model, the first step is designing the vehicle’s ideal hypothetical customer. When work began on the midsize Prologue electric crossover, they thought of someone a lot like me. Maybe even exactly me. I already drive an adequate crossover that I don’t particularly care about. My family activities require something larger than a sedan. I’d like an EV but don’t want something that advertises it. I’m fine with anything over 250 miles of range, and I’m not status-conscious. The Prologue checks all the boxes for most buyers. According to The Drive, the EX front-wheel-drive single-motor base model has an EPA-rated range of 296 miles and that barely shrinks to 273 miles if you upgrade to the all-wheel-drive dual-motor fully-loaded Elite. It’s spacious inside, feels more premium than most competitors, looks decent enough without being flashy, and maybe most importantly, it doesn’t feel like a big switch from a current, conventional crossover. Click here to view photos and read the whole review.

Driven: 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Puts the 'Less-Is-More' Philosophy to the Test

The Coupe SUV trend was ignited by the BMW X6 in 2008, and what we believed at the time would be a short-lived fad turned out to have a lot more staying power. Take the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe as an example; it's now entering its second generation, sporting the same upgrades that were first seen on the standard GLC SUV last year, albeit with a coupe-like roofline. Those changes to the GLC include fresh styling, new technology, a mild-hybrid powertrain with 255 horsepower, and a small size increase to improve overall functionality. Coupe SUVs do not appear to be going out of style anytime soon, making the GLC Coupe a fairly important entrant to the Mercedes lineup. To find out how it stacks up against the growing competition, Carbuzz tested the base GLC 300 Coupe for a week. Mercedes stretched the GLC Coupe by 1.2 inches compared to the outgoing model. It's also 0.2 inches taller than the last generation. Up front, the coupe looks pretty similar to its standard GLC counterpart, but things start to get weird when you get around to the back. Click here for the full review.

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