Google Presents: Accelerating Automotive Trends

Events 05/07/20

May 7, 2020 at 04:00 pm

Online Webinar, WebEx, , United States

The automotive industry was already contending with an unprecedented disruption before COVID-19, so understanding how to adapt during difficult times is not a new challenge. What’s different this time is that the current crisis is accelerating trends that were already underway in the automotive space but had not yet been widely adopted. These trends are not only in an accelerated state, but will become the ‘new normal’ when operations open back up. 

For automotive brands to position themselves for as quick a recovery as possible, adapting to this faster industry cycle will require shorter planning horizons. Join Lissette Gole, Head of Automotive Retail at Google, to deep dive into these trends and how dealers can start to adapt.

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