August AutoTalk Webinar: Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel

Events 08/15/17

August 15, 2017 at 10:00 am

Webinar , Webex, District Of Columbia,

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In the coming decades, the automobile industry will experience more change than it has in the past century. These changes are a culmination of technological advancements that are transforming transportation and include the development of autonomous and connected vehicles, electrification of powertrains, and shared mobility. All aspects of the industry will be disrupted as vehicle operation, ownership, and utilization will be impacted.

Join AIADA on August 15th for an AutoTalk webinar to discover insight into industry disruptors, including the following:

·         How will new technologies disrupt the ownership experience?

·         What are the implications of the fully connected car on your service department and its profitability?

·         Will government regulations keep up with the rapid pace of the technology transportation evolution?

This presentation will bring participants up to date with the developments, threats, but, most importantly, the opportunities this disruption will offer to their business.