AIADA's 48th Annual Meeting and Luncheon

In 2018, international nameplate dealers find themselves at the intersection of U.S. global trade policy and the millions of American consumers they are tasked with serving every day. Occupying a majority share of the U.S. auto market, AIADA’s 9,600 international nameplate dealers sell some of the most popular vehicles on the road to millions of American consumers each year. In the process, they employ more than half a million Americans and generate $32 billion in annual payroll.

December AutoTalk Webinar: 2017 in Review and 2018 Projections

Join AIADA's December AutoTalk webinar to listen to Tom Kontos, Sr. Vice President and Chief Economist for KAR; David Lim, Chief Auto Analyst at Wells Fargo; and Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at Cox Automotive discuss important 2017 trends and market performance, and what to expect for 2018.