Dealers Must Remain Vigilant

Chairman's Blog: Out of the Gates 01/14/22

In the final weeks of December, a small Christmas miracle took place in Washington, D.C. Bowing to external pressures and inter-party fighting, President Biden’s trillion dollar Build Back Better plan, and with it the un-American union-only tax credit for electric vehicles, was placed on the back burner as legislators returned to their home districts.

This was good news for dealers – but you didn’t hear a lot of celebrating from AIADA. That’s because while it may be paused, this battle is far from over. We must remain vigilant in 2022 as our opponents in Washington regroup and prepare to once again find a way to apply their protectionist world view to the transactions taking place in our stores. They won’t be satisfied until the only vehicles American consumers can afford are union-built, just as they long ago ensured, through the despised "Chicken Tax," that the only light trucks sold in the united states are domestically built.

Don’t take my word for it. Take the UAW’s. Last week, UAW president Ray Curry wrote in a message to his membership: “Working closely with the Biden Administration from the new President’s first days in office, the UAW has pushed hard for the protections in the President’s infrastructure agenda, Build Back Better proposals and Buy American initiative. We are fighting for the Stabenow-Kildee Amendment which seeks to ensure that key consumer rebates for EVs are tied to good paying union auto jobs domestically.”

If you want to join AIADA in pushing back against this blatant ploy for those political “protections”, start today. Go to and register now for our annual meeting in March during the NADA convention in Las Vegas. We need you there. We need a true show of unity and force as we begin another year of fighting against bad policy that disadvantages our stores and our customers.

Join me as I pass the AIADA Chairman’s gavel to incoming chairman and Ohio dealer John Connelly. We will also hear from Honda’s executive vice president of National Operations and general manager of Automobile Sales, Dave Gardner, and award the 2022 David F. Mungenast Lifetime Achievement award to long-time dealer and innovator Mike Maroone.

I hope to see you there, and I hope I can count on you as AIADA continues its fight to protect this industry we love from unjustified political influence.

Steve Gates
AIADA Chairman

Chairman's Blog: Out of the Gates

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