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Chairman's Blog: Mike’s Message 02/09/23

Last month, I accepted AIADA’s Chairman’s gavel from 2022 Chairman John Connelly. I was honored to be elected to the position, especially when considering some of the impressive and talented dealers who have occupied it in recent years. I’m truly looking forward to serving this organization that has been so integral to the success of international nameplate dealers over the past 50+ years, and I’m excited to get started on the important work ahead.

That said, while I do have goals for the year, I’ve been around dealerships long enough to know what happens to our best laid plans. Year after year, events have a way of overtaking both our industry and America’s politics. Whether it’s a global pandemic, contentious elections, an unforeseen recession, devastating product shortages, or surprise legislation, one thing AIADA’s members understand is that we need to be prepared for anything and everything.

I was no Boy Scout growing up (you could usually find me sweeping floors in the family Subaru dealership), but I can’t find fault with their motto: Be Prepared. Wise words, whether you’re setting off for a weekend camping expedition or heading up a nation-wide trade association. We may not know exactly what 2023 holds for our stores and industry, though we certainly have some ideas, but I can assure you that as an association we are prepared for ANYTHING.

Right now, that means working closely in Washington, D.C., with agencies, including the IRS and the Department of Treasury, to ensure that the unique concerns of international nameplate dealers aren’t drowned out by all the special interest groups clamoring to shape implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act. We will be tireless in our efforts to ensure that electric vehicle tax credits are applied fairly and sensibly throughout the marketplace. We are also focused on issues like affordability, inflation, a sound economy, and ensuring that our investment in America is not overlooked on Capitol Hill.

In short, we have the numbers, the people, and the experience to back up our arguments, and we will be relentless in achieving our goals. That level of preparation is a testament to AIADA’s staff in Washington, D.C., and our varied and skillful board of directors. We are small enough to be agile in our responses on the federal level and powerful enough to be influential in our efforts. AIADA is truly ready for whatever 2023 holds.

In the meantime,  I encourage you to read up on AIADA’s activities in our most recent issue of AutoDealer Magazine, take advantage of our Dealer Visit program, and get social by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn. AIADA is always at the forefront of dealer advocacy in Washington, D.C., and I hope you will lend some of your energy and enthusiasm to our cause over the next year. Whatever the future holds, I look forward to working with you to make it a bright and profitable one for dealers.

Mike DeSilva
AIADA Chairman

Chairman's Blog: Mike’s Message

AIADA Chairman Mike DeSilva offers up a dealer's perspective on the 2023 auto retail industry.