Strength in Numbers

Chairman's Blog: Mike’s Message 09/12/22

One of the greatest challenges international nameplate dealers face in Washington, D.C., is convincing lawmakers that our stores and brands are fully integrated into the fabric of the American economy.

Too many legislators still view us and our 543,000 employees as interlopers, easy pickings for their protectionist trade agendas and unequal tax policies.

They can’t seem to accept that our stores, and the vehicles we sell, are vital to the communities we serve. Never mind that the parking lots of Capitol Hill are packed with our products.

They’re living in the distant past, and while we can talk about our positive economic impact until we’re in blue in the face, their minds are made up.

So, every once in a while, I like to stop talking and let the number speak for themselves.

AIADA, in conjunction with our manufacturer partners at Autos Drive America, recently released our 2022 Economic Impact Report. The report lays out, in remarkable detail, the crucial part our brands and stores play in keeping America moving.

While I highly recommend you take the time to read the entire report – and share it with everyone you can – here are just a few of the eye-popping facts that policymakers can’t ignore:

·      International nameplate auto dealerships represent a $43.5 billion national payroll and more than half of all dealership employment in the U.S.

·      In 2021, they pumped $4.1 billion in advertising dollars into the national economy and sold $63 billion in parts and services to American consumers.

·      In 2021, 9,383 international dealership franchises sold 9.1 million vehicles to American consumers – a 59% share of the U.S. retail vehicle market.

·      Trade is a pivotal part of the story. International automakers operate 31 facilities across America, accounting for 47% of all U.S. auto production and the creation of 140,000 jobs.

The numbers don’t lie. Ours is an industry that is integral to America’s manufacturing and retail sectors. Americans rely on us every day for safe, reliable, and affordable transportation. Politicians who think they can label us as “foreign” should take a hard look these numbers. And then think again.

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John Connelly
2022 AIADA Chairman

Chairman's Blog: Mike’s Message

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