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Chairman's Blog: Invested In America 03/16/22

Would you all agree that international nameplate auto dealers and their manufacturers are Invested in America? Can you deny that the billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs created by our industry should be respected?

The position of our current Administration is that an additional $4500 tax credit should be awarded only for the purchase of union-made electric vehicles. 

This is not some pie-in-the-sky idea — it came within one vote of being passed in the Administration’s erstwhile Build Back Better legislation. AIADA and its allies rallied immediately to point out the blatantly un-American sentiments of this tax credit proposal. However, the idea has not disappeared — it is very much alive and could easily be added at the next attempt by Congress to pass a reconciliation bill by this Summer.

What can you do to stop this in its tracks? We need you to speak up with your words and your feet. AIADA has the knowledge and background to get your message directly to your representatives and senators, but we need you to join us.

Just visit to register to join your fellow dealers and manufacturers on Capitol Hill on May 24-25. You must know how powerful the words of car dealers and their employees are — who else in your town does as much to provide sales tax revenue, high-paying jobs, and community assistance than you? Stand up for your business and let’s work together to unwind any and all legislation aimed to destroy the international car business in the United States. 

Trust me, you are not a small fish — your word will be heard and taken seriously. I’m a single-point car dealer from the middle of Ohio, yet I know if I don’t take up the cause of standing up for our 9,400 international car dealerships and their 542,000 employees then it will be my fault when our government legislates us out of business.

After law school, I worked on Capitol Hill for a few years and I know that when someone from the local car dealership expresses their opinion, it gets taken very seriously. Supporting the mission of AIADA is as important to your business as any insurance or utility bill that you pay.  Each year for the last 52 years, AIADA has been there to protect your business — but they can only achieve their mission when all 9,400 dealerships get involved. Make a commitment today to send a representative from each of your stores to this year’s Fly-In and every Fly-In to come.

Let’s show Washington, D.C., that when we work together, we are a powerful force.


John Connelly
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Chairman's Blog: Invested In America

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