Dealer Fly In a Rousing Success

Chairman's Blog: Invested In America 05/31/22

Wow - what an event! AIADA and their partners knocked it out of the ballpark at this year’s fly-in. Between the presentations by Erin Kerrigan and Jim VandeHei (both fascinating and incredibly compelling), the fly-in crowd was able to enjoy very personal and enjoyable talks from both former House Speaker John Boehner and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. To all the dealers, partners, manufacturer representatives, and state associations that joined together to bring the fight to Capitol Hill on behalf of all 9500+ international car dealerships — I can’t thank you enough. Thanks to your efforts last week, you are helping protect hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of investments. 

At the first night of the AIADA fly-in, former Speaker John Boehner said it very well — car dealers simply need to “show up” to have continued success with their legislators. That means standing up for our businesses by meeting with our legislators both on Capitol Hill and in our home districts. It is up to us to protect and grow our industry. It was an unabashedly frank talk and will always be a fantastic memory for everyone that was there — a lot of laughs and a lot of truth.

AIADA was on the front lines of calling out the foolishness of the plan to give an additional $4,500 tax credit for only union-made EV’s. This job-killing idea was supported by the current administration and passed the House of Representatives easily. Don’t be fooled for a second, this legislation was poised to become law but for the objections of Senator Joe Manchin. 

Fortunately for us, Senator Joe Manchin understands common sense and doing what is right for his constituents. In Senator Manchin’s office, there is a poster in his office of President John Kennedy with the quote “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.” The fantastic and hard-working staff at AIADA was able to secure an appearance by Senator Manchin to meet personally with all of the fly-in contingent and he gave us all a clear message — demand that our legislators do the right thing and put aside silly partisan arguments. Senator Manchin agrees that we need common-sense solutions and he is on our side. He is standing up for us.

On the Hill, we had in-person meetings, virtual meetings, off-site meetings and a lot of activity.  COVID has jumbled up a lot of the usual procedures, especially on the House side, but our team worked through it and had a very impactful day. I am so thankful to all that attended because I know that their efforts helped protect my single-store future for years to come along with thousands of other stores.

For all that want to join in the fight, please simply click here to learn how we can help have a legislator visit your store. For international car dealers, AIADA is a great insurance policy. Just think, how would your EV leases look stacked up against a union-made car If there was no organized opposition to the plan to give $4,500 additional tax dollars to only union made EV’s? Join us now!


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