Chairman's Blog: Hakes' Takes 11/26/19

Truthfully, I should be thanking my lucky stars all year long. But for lots of reasons, and like many Americans, this seems to be the time of year I am most focused on the blessings in my life. As I take stock of what I have, I am, as always, bowled over by my gratitude.

God, family, health, the sheer fun of politics, the joy of Alabama football, California weather, a perfectly cooked steak – there’s more in life to be grateful for than I could ever list. One of those items will always be the community of dealers I joined decades ago. I couldn’t possibly understand then what I was getting into, but knowing what I know now I’d absolutely do it all again.

I am thankful for you, my fellow AIADA members – the dealers who do the heavy lifting when it comes to advocating for our industry in Washington, D.C. I don’t want to imagine what would happen to our stores without you. It’s because of you we fought off the BAT tax and it’s because of you we are able to take a firm stand against new tariffs on our products.

Of course, I’m also grateful for AIADA, and for our friends at AFIT PAC who work so hard to ensure we have a voice at the table when life changing decisions are being made on taxes, trade, and government regulations. We are a coalition of small businesses, sure, but AIADA and AFIT PAC guarantee that we have a BIG impact in D.C.

I am thankful for our brands, the manufacturers who work with us on these issues, and see us as a valued partner in their investment in our country.

I am thankful for AIADA’s affinity partners, who support us, and offer our members the absolute greatest values on the services they need.

I am thankful for our employees, the 578,000 Americans who go to work at an international nameplate dealership every morning, and who labor tirelessly to grow our businesses and support their families.

I am thankful for our customers. The off roaders, the sports car enthusiasts, the minivan moms, and the soccer coach dads. From the first car they buy to the last – they deserve the best products and the best value, and we will always strive to meet that need.

I know many of you have similar lists. So here’s to us: the luckiest men and women in America – the dealers. May you have a day of peace, joy, and gratitude on Thursday. And then, of course, a busy day of prosperity on Friday!

Chairman's Blog: Hakes' Takes

In Hakes' Takes, AIADA Chairman Howard Hakes provides a look at the issues and trends facing the international nameplate auto industry.