The More Things Change . . .

Chairman's Blog: Courter's Two Cents 11/16/20

Every four years, this country votes for a president, a new House of Representatives, and 2/3 of the Senate. And every four years, Washington, D.C., comes to a complete halt, followed by several months of managed chaos. But in the rest of the country? Life goes on.

Out here, in the OTHER Washington, and throughout the United States, oil still needs to be changed. Family cars need to be test driven. Tires need to be replaced. In my stores, we’re moving metal, meeting benchmarks, and constantly striving to improve upon our best practices. In that respect, while much changed on November 3rd (and 4th and 5th and so on), a lot more didn’t.

The true impact of this month’s election may not be fully understood until the Senate is decided in January. But in the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing. Our employees are still working. Our customers are still looking to us for help. And, unfortunately, COVID is still with us as well.

Even as AIADA looks to the future, and what’s around the corner for our members, we want you to know that we still have your back when it comes to operating your stores under the threat of a global pandemic. While we’re hearing hopeful news last week about a potential vaccine, we need to remain vigilant in order to protect our employees, our customers, and our communities.

With that in mind, AIADA is offering a daily sanitation checklist based on CDC recommendations that you can share with your staff. Click here to download and print it.

I hope that this sheet, posted publicly, will serve as a reminder to dealership employees of their duties and also a visual confirmation for customers visiting your stores that you are fully engaged in the fight against COVID. I know that many of you have developed your own innovative approaches to sanitizing your offices and showrooms. I would love to hear about those methods. Please email us at so we can share your response to the virus with our dealership community.

As always, I am proud to be an international nameplate dealer, and a member of AIADA. Whatever happens in D.C., small business owners like us will continue to be the backbone of this nation.

Jason Courter
2020 AIADA Chairman

Chairman's Blog: Courter's Two Cents

Courter's Two Cents: Chairman Jason Courter provides readers with a dealer's take on the auto retail industry in 2020.