Not voting? Now That’s Scary

Chairman's Blog: Courter's Two Cents 10/16/20

In my neighborhood, just outside of Seattle, the lawns are littered with Styrofoam graves and inflatable pumpkins. Clearly, a lot of people are looking forward to Halloween this year, and the release from stress that a spooky, candy-based holiday can bring.

However, as much as we anticipate donning masks for a FUN reason, we can’t lose sight of the fact that another big event looms on the horizon: Election Day. In just 18 days you will have the chance to exercise a right that is fundamental to being an American. You will select lawmakers to represent you in Congress, the White House, and at your local level.

Our vote is a powerful tool. Election Day is our chance to send a direct message and, if necessary, new leaders to Washington, D.C. As engines of economic recovery in the post-COVID world, the opinions of small business owners matter. It is absolutely critical that dealers and their staff educate themselves on the issues, like taxes, trade, and labor that impact their business. And then, get out and vote.

Voting is more than a right; it’s our civic duty. And it’s a duty that we all must take seriously and execute with foresight and careful consideration. As dealers, we have a responsibility to not only set a good example within our community, but also to ensure that our employees are given an opportunity to get to their polling place.

In some areas voting has already started. In others, you still have time to register. I recommend going to to check your registration status and refresh yourself on the voting regulations in your state.

Voting is our duty, and it’s one of the most essential actions you can take to protect your business, your employees, your family, and your community. So please, do your part, and wear your “I Voted” sticker on November 3rd with pride.

Jason Courter
AIADA Chairman

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