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Chairman's Blog: Courter's Two Cents 06/25/20

By now, most of you have probably received a postcard in the mail from the U.S. Census Bureau asking you to complete the decennial census survey for your household, as required since 1790 by the U.S. Constitution. The results are used to calculate the number of congressional representatives allowed to each state and place congressional district boundaries so that each member of Congress represents approximately the same number of Americans. Census data is also crucial for planning new government services and facilities.

We fill out the census, because failure to do so could result in losing valuable representation in Washington, D.C., and missing out on important government resources for your community. As Americans, we stand up to be counted.

It is equally important, as international nameplate dealers, to stand up and be counted.

And why shouldn’t we? Right at this moment, I’ve never been more proud to be a dealer in America. I am seeing daily the incredible innovation and creativity my fellow dealers are using to support their communities and customers through a difficult time (check out the hashtag #DealersDoGood on twitter for some examples). We are cornerstones of our communities, and we shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate that fact.

Right now, the best way to stand up and be counted as a dealer is to use AIADA to strengthen your relationship with your legislators. Harness the power of our Dealer Visit Program (along with appropriate social distancing measures, of course) to ensure that your lawmakers understand what you do and why your small business is crucial to the health of their congressional district.

By making sure your Member of Congress knows who you are, you guarantee that the next time stimulus relief funds are being allocated, or regulations surrounding loan repayments are being negotiated, your legislator pictures your face, your store, and your employees when he or she hears the word “dealer.”

Our stores count. Our employees count. Our tax and charitable contributions count. It’s time we make sure WE are counted. There is no dealer census. But there is AIADA. Count on them to make sure Washington, D.C., accounts for our industry.

Jason Courter
2020 AIADA Chairman


Chairman's Blog: Courter's Two Cents

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