Chicago Dealership Finds it Easy to Save Money, Reduce Errors With the ARMS® Application from Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Randy Maca, Parts and Service Director for Autobarn VW, Mazda, Subaru of Countryside, one of the largest dealerships in the Chicagoland area, has a new tool that makes saving money for the dealership as easy as writing a repair order - the Automated Rental Management System (ARMS®) application from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The ARMS® Application

Available to dealerships at no charge, the ARMS® application creates seamless electronic communications between service advisors and Enterprise.  Service advisors are able to create an electronic purchase order for a rental car at the same time they are initiating a repair order for service, which helps to significantly reduce errors and avoid unnecessary delays. 

"Combined with our information management system, the ARMS® application helps us better analyze and manage the rental process on every level. And, our service department saves money by better managing the number of authorized rental days," said Maca.  "We know exactly what the car rental cost will be for every customer, every time."

Increased Customer Satisfaction

According to Maca, his customers' service experience is also enhanced.  "Because all of the renter's information along with the number of days authorized is sent to Enterprise electronically, the rental car is ready when the customer arrives for the service appointment.  With nearly 300 customers each month renting a service loaner vehicle, customer satisfaction is a high priority."

One of the ARMS® application features that Maca finds most useful is the "notes" section that enables the service advisors to easily customize information about an individual customer's situation, which is communicated directly to Enterprise. 

Easy To Use

Learning to use the ARMS® application was fast and easy for the 10-member Autobarn service team, including those who do not consider themselves to be computer savvy.  In addition to personally training each member of the Autobarn service team, the local Enterprise office is available for questions or to provide assistance.    

"The best thing is that instead of spending hours matching purchase orders and repair orders with work orders, I have more time to manage the service department.  It adds up to saving me the equivalent of a couple days each month and that makes a big difference to my bottom line," said Maca, who has been using the ARMS® application for about a year.  "My job is a lot less stressful thanks to this simple to use tool."


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