Wells Fargo Auto

Financial services for auto dealers


Contact Information

Wayne Dale, Eastern Division Manager

Ivan Garcia, Central Division Manager 

Phillip Forrest, Western Division Manager 

National Accounts: 
Ruth Ann Clark, National Accounts Divisional Sales Manager

James Hysten, SVP, National Director of Sales Support

Wells Fargo Auto, a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., is one of the nation's leading lenders for new and used autos. With Sales and Credit specialists in most markets across the nation, we offer an integrated financial services solution designed for the dealer community. Wells Fargo Auto provides floor plan and real estate financing, treasury management, merchant services, a broad credit spectrum of indirect auto financing, and an array of financial resources to help dealerships mitigate fraud and operate more efficiently. In addition, we service over 3.5 million consumer auto loans originated by 14,000 dealer relationships nationwide. 

Wells Fargo Auto is proud to be the preferred provider of financial services for AIADA and its membership.   

AIADA Member Benefits

  • Local service for you and your dealership, provided via Credit and Sales relationship teams nationwide
  • Access to a team focused solely on the auto industry; a team that values and understands your market needs, and provides strategic thinking, proactive ideas, and innovative solutions 
  • Fast funding of indirect contracts
  • Your commercial relationship team includes a relationship associate who will help support your dealership's day-to-day financial needs
  • Exceptional service for your customers to ensure their loan experience is a positive one

Products & Services

  • Indirect consumer automotive financing
  • Commercial floorplan, real estate, and dealership acquisition financing
  • Commercial banking services, including treasury management, interest rate risk management, retirement, and employee benefit solutions
  • Merchant services make accepting credit, debit, and gift card payments easy and efficient. Benefits include a range of payment solutions to meet your business needs, having access to funds quickly, the confidence in having customer support and guidance when you need it. 
  • Commercial purchasing card—a single card for purchasing, T&E, account payable invoices, and fleet expenditures—helps you save time and resources by optimizing cash flow, reducing per-transaction costs, and streamlining approvals, reporting, and compliance

For more, visit wellsfargodealerservices.com and check out our overview brochure.

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