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Products and Services

Profit Improvement Program: Schedule a Demonstration

A comprehensive, customizable sourcing, implementation and spend management solution that delivers guaranteed savings and ROI.

ExpenseEDGE: Learn More

Getting a handle on indirect expenses will result in reduced costs and more profitability!  An easy-to-use purchasing portal to provide you all the benchmarks, Certified Suppliers and tools you need to reduce your expenses. 

About Us

Started in 1992 by Douglas Austin, StrategicSource has served over 700 companies offering spend management solutions, sourcing support, implementation management, and supplier compliance to maximize the companies limited resources and expertise so they focus on growing their business and improving profitability.

With expertise in over 130 expense, cost recovery and revenue enhancing categories, StrategicSource helps our clients achieve peace of mind knowing that highly competitive solutions are developed, implemented, and audited across their enterprise. We can deploy a wealth of experience and support for less than the cost of maintain a purchasing organization as well as deliver guaranteed positive ROI.

In a time where optimizing supplier spend and costs is a necessity, we have our entire focus on the potential to make a big impact to your profits and cashflows. By offering a personalized and customized approach to our clients, we skillfully aligning the power of our solutions and tools with the needs of our client’s objectives to provide a competitive differentiator.

We believe that a robust spend management program and modern-day approach can offer a strategic advantage for your business.

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