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Who is Dealer Teamwork?

Dealer Teamwork provides automotive clients with superior digital marketing results by combining the scale and efficiency of a leading SaaS technology company with the strategic insights, proven best practices, and highest levels of customer support found in a world-class marketing agency.

Through providing the industry’s first MPOP® Content Marketing Platform, Dealer Teamwork has served as the engine in successfully driving millions of dealer campaigns, website content, and business intelligence reports.

Dealer Teamwork is recognized as a 2022 Google Premier Partner, standing among the top 3% of Google Partners in the United States. Dealer Teamwork is a certified digital provider for 12 OEM programs, many of the most successful automotive dealerships and groups, and an exclusive Affinity Partner of AIADA.

Benefits for Dealers:

  • Industry’s first MPOP® Automation Platform: Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP® technology serves as an automated engine with millions of data-points, enabling automotive retailers the ability to create, distribute, and scale content in real-time through maximized speed and relevancy.
  • High-Level Industry Partnerships: Dealer Teamwork proudly serves every industry OEM, and stands in the highest tier of Google Partners as a 2022 Google Premier Partner. We are a Microsoft Advertising Partner, a Facebook Marketing Partner, Certified Shift Digital SEO Provider, and a proud AIADA Affinity Partner!
  • Co-op Approved Services: As a supporter of all OEM’s, Dealer Teamwork holds factory-endorsed programs with BMW, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and MINI. We are also endorsed by Stellantis (FCA) and the FordDirect AdVantage Program (Ford & Lincoln).
  • World-class SEO Strategies: At Dealer Teamwork, we close the gap between our clients’ landing pages and their competitors by optimizing for specific factors that help them rank higher and drive better quality organic traffic. The content quality, our on-page optimization tactics, and the ability to update vehicle offers in real-time help dealers achieve world-class SEO results using our patented merchandising platform.
  • Dealer-Centric Digital SaaS Agency: Dealer Teamwork succeeds in partnering with all clients through navigating their desired results with transparency and integrity. Our industry partners and dealers are our most important product – and our team’s talent in sharing and servicing coupled with your team’s talent is what allows us to rise to the top together!
  • Superior Customer Service & Solutions: Dealer Teamwork’s certified Google Experts & SEO strategists understand dealers’ clear business objectives and deliver the results dealers expect. Coupled with their exceptional support team structure and advanced first-in-class platform, our clients will see why Dealer Teamwork is one of the top 3 providers in all 12 OEM partnerships and has been trusted to manage over $150 Million in dealer spending at one of the highest satisfaction levels in the industry.

Our region has recently implemented Dealer Teamwork at over 40 of our stores. We are extremely pleased with the level of service, flexibility and customization they provide us. They are considered a true partner to our businesses.

Casee H., Marketing Director

What Does Dealer Teamwork Do?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an automated process that simplifies your digital strategies, automatically builds search ad’s & precise lease offers, finance payments & APRs? A process that instantly updates your website, search ads, and ensures OEM compliance – all while driving the highest-converting traffic, strongest leads and optimal sales opportunities?

Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP® platform does exactly that…and so much more!

At Dealer Teamwork, we lead in driving the industries most integrated, dealer-focused digital solutions. Our patented platform automatically merchandises your inventory and current offers and directly drives them to all of your digital channels through one syndicated process. The result? More engagement, more shoppers, and more sales. All with top-level analytical tracking and business intelligence reporting directly at your fingertips.

Plus, all of our clients are directly connected with the most dedicated account support team experts, providing you with the most precise & customized performance analysis for your dealership. We’ll do the work, yet your dealership is in the driver’s seat with full multi-functional control!

Learn more about our products and services below.

Drive More Leads with Campaigns that WORK

All of our dynamic campaigns and landing pages are connected to our content marketing platform, the MPOP®, and are updated via automation to save you time and ensure the highest accuracy! Plus, if you prefer the customization route, our software is flexible to allow you to make custom modifications as you see fit.

How Do I Get Started?

At Dealer Teamwork, your profitability & brand strategy is our top priority. Our customized marketing solutions are built to give you a one-up advantage within the marketplace, and we make it easy for you to do just that! Schedule your demo HERE & join the hundreds of top-ranking dealers that have already entrusted us to generate over 1 BILLION clicks to additional landing pages!

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