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Dealer Teamwork has solved the number one problem in automotive digital marketing - coordinating offers across marketing channels in real-time. There is no comparison - the MPOP® is a game changer.

– Tom Moore, Senior Vice President, Morgan Automotive Group

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Who is Dealer Teamwork?

Dealer Teamwork is one of the fastest growing Software as a Service (SaaS) companies creating first-class solutions for the retail automotive industry. Dealer Teamwork created the automotive industry's first MPOP®, a patented Merchandising, Personalization & Optimization Platform. The platform creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers by distributing their transactional data to more in-market shoppers effectively and efficiently.

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Dealer Teamwork Quick Facts:

  • Dealer Teamwork supports all OEMs and is endorsed by FCA, Kia, BMW and MINI. 
  • Dealer Teamwork is a Google Premier Partner in the Automotive Pod and is a Bing Partner.
  • Dealer Teamwork was selected, out of 1000s of partners and 100s of applications, as a finalist for Mobile Innovation in the 2018 Google Premier Partner Awards, making them the youngest company to ever be chosen.
  • All client-facing employees are Google and Bing certified.

What does Dealer Teamwork do?

Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP® technology integrates with automotive dealers’ digital marketing channels and processes.  All Dealer Teamwork clients are fully supported by a dedicated account manager who supports and guides dealers through using the MPOP® and through defining and implementing a strategy for their marketing campaigns.  Learn more about Dealer Teamwork’s products, services and integrations below:

Core Product: The MPOP®

With the patented MPOP®, dealers can optimize vehicle and fixed operations marketing content for achieving maximum ROI online.  The MPOP® helps dealers merchandise their vehicle and service offers according to the highest standards of quality and relevance. Once content is created in the platform, it is then syndicated to your website, search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, social media campaigns (Facebook and Instagram) and the native email campaign builder in real-time.  Additionally, all MPOP® content is optimized to rank highly in organic search, which improves your overall website performance and experience.

With an MPOP® package, dealers have access to the merchandising tools that build specials, incentives and offers content, and they receive corresponding dynamic landing pages.  Types of landing pages include leaderboard, model-specific, body style and service-specific pages.  Content created and published through the MPOP® is instantly pushed to these pages, and these pages are automatically synced with your Dealer Teamwork PPC campaigns, social media campaigns/posts and email campaigns.  The pages are provider agnostic, so they work with almost all website providers.

The MPOP® merchandising tools are broken down by:

Plus, the MPOP® integrates with:

How do I sign up for Dealer Teamwork and the MPOP®?

If you are interested in learning more about the MPOP®, you can schedule a product demonstration here: Schedule a Demo of the MPOP®.

If you are ready to sign up and want to learn about the packages and pricing offered, contact Dealer Teamwork Sales today!

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