Jumpstarting Sales With A New Campaign

The automotive market is on the long road to recovery. Over the past several months, companies industry-wide have taken great steps to help jumpstart car sales and restore stability at the dealership level.

In April, CARFAX launched its largest-ever marketing initiative to boost used car sales and help shoppers find reputable car dealers. The "Show Me the CARFAX" campaign kicked off with a series of television advertisements airing nationwide on network and cable channels. To be part of the Show Me the Carfax campaign, call 1-888-897-9698 or click here.

"CARFAX has been working with their dealer customers to spark consumer interest in used cars and build confidence in used car dealers," said Brian Sullivan, Director of Operations at the Duncan Automotive Network. "These new ads represent a significant investment in the well-being of our businesses and reflect the commitment CARFAX has to our industry."

Hundreds of dealers weighed in with their input about the campaign before it launched. Nearly 80% of the dealers surveyed said the campaign would build consumer confidence in dealerships that provide CARFAX Reports. Extensive research proves that running CARFAX Vehicle History Reports at acquisition and giving them to potential buyers improves inventory turn and increases profitability.

"Offering CARFAX Reports helps us sell cars faster and for more money," said Ren Rooney, President of the Wilson Automotive Group. "In fact, we make sure we pull a CARFAX on every vehicle we acquire so we know how it will sell."

CARFAX-subscribing dealers are using free point-of-sale materials that tie into the "Show Me the CARFAX" campaign to promote their CARFAX partnership. Banners, vehicle stickers and other items on the lot drive potential buyers that know and trust the CARFAX name. Dealers say that about twice as many customers are coming into their showrooms and asking for CARFAX Vehicle History Reports as a result.

"Over the past weeks we've seen a significant increase in potential buyers asking us for CARFAX Reports," said Cary Donovan, Vice President of Used Car Vehicle Operations at Sam Swope Auto Group. "We're more than happy to show our customers the CARFAX. It's inspiring to see CARFAX stepping up its efforts to support dealers in these troubled times."

CARFAX brand awareness is at an all-time high among in-market used car shoppers. Dealers are using it to their advantage by including the CARFAX name in their own advertising more than ever before. Radio, TV and print ads for CARFAX-subscribing dealers build trust by letting used car shoppers know that they'll show you the CARFAX.

"We're proud to be a partner with thousands of used car dealers," said Dick Raines, president of CARFAX. "It's extremely encouraging to see so many buyers and sellers embracing this campaign and using CARFAX to build more confidence in used cars."

Used car dealers interested in becoming part of the "Show me the CARFAX" campaign can call 888-897-9698 or click here to learn more.