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CARFAX® provides solutions for every aspect of a dealer’s operations. From acquisition and advertising, to retail and service, CARFAX makes it easy to build trust and connect with ready-to-buy used car shoppers. CARFAX pioneered the vehicle history report in 1986 and is now trusted by more than 30,000 dealerships to help acquire, advertise, retail, and service their inventory using innovative services like CARFAX Used Car Listings™ and myCarfax®. CARFAX is an essential part of 36 manufacturer Certified programs, is integrated into hundreds of acquisition and inventory management tools, and is featured on thousands of automotive websites.

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"Our relationship with CARFAX further strengthens our brand because CARFAX Vehicle history Reports are the most comprehensive and trusted industry source for vehicle history information."– Paul Jontig TCUV National Manager of Sales, Marketing & Operations, Toyota


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With over 16 billion records and more than 92,000 data sources, CARFAX offers the most detailed vehicle history report in the world. Dealers can access this data easily in the 'CARFAX for Dealers' mobile app to avoid overpaying at auction and trade in. By using CARFAX to acquire inventory, dealers can price their cars with confidence, improve their margins and build long-term customer trust and loyalty.


Dealers can now list their inventory on to connect with millions of ready-to-buy shoppers. Powered by trusted CARFAX data, CARFAX Used Car Listings helps shoppers find the right car with the right history – and helps dealers connect with these ready-to-buy shoppers. Over 60% of shoppers that submit a lead through CARFAX Used Car Listings buy within 7 days.


Consumers trust CARFAX. And by partnering with CARFAX, dealers help remove the biggest barrier to a used car sale—doubt. Plus dealers build confidence in their dealership and turn inventory faster with help from the CAR FOX and CARFAX brand.


Expose your dealership to millions of service customers through myCARFAX. This free program gives dealers additional exposure on CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, and allows service customers to track their service history, including in-app maintenance reminders and recall alerts so car owners know important service and safety information.

To learn more information about the product and services offered to AIADA members, contact CARFAX at 800.274.2277 or visit

"By using the most comprehensive vehicle history service available in the market, our partnership with CARFAX gives our Certified Pre-Owned customers the added peace of mind to know they are truly driving the best of the best."
-Marv Ingram | National Certified Pre-Owned/Fleet Manager | Lexus


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