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AutoAlert leads the industry in data-mining and trade-cycle management solutions, providing our clients with opportunities that convert more often while creating greater gross profits than those sourced other ways. This is thanks to our powerful algorithms, big data analytics, and unparalleled flexibility in our ability to customize the software to meet each dealership’s unique needs and way of doing business. Our technology bridges the communication gap between a dealership’s management, employees, and customers, creating high-quality sales opportunities, increased gross margin, and improved customer retention.

“AutoAlert has been a great partner of Hitchcock Automotive organizations for years now, and we are honored to have them partner with AIADA.”

-AIADA Vice Chairman Howard Hakes

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Each of our solutions provide car dealers with a strategic business advantage in a quickly evolving industry:

Data Mining (AlertMiner and PandoConnect)

AlertMiner and PandoConnect use AutoAlert’s patented algorithms and big data gathering to determine the best opportunity for each of your customers, then ranks them according to greatest profit potential. Have the right conversation with the right customer at the right time and see your gross profits increase.

Marketing (One-to-One Intelligent Marketing)

Our comprehensive, multichannel marketing solution leverages customer data to target top opportunities with strategically deployed communications, personalized URLs, and call tracking and monitoring. Receive real-time tracking and reporting to measure both customer engagement and campaign success. You deserve to know if your marketing dollars are paying off.

Service to Sales (PandoAlert)

Convert the top opportunities in automotive by turning your service drive into an extension of your sales floor. Get notified immediately when service customers with a credible purchasing opportunity have arrived, and quickly access the deal that appeals to them the most. Our process makes for a personalized and seamless conversion experience.

Reputation Management (ReviewBuilder and ReputationPro)

Word travels faster than ever these days. Our reputation management solution makes it easy for customers to give positive reviews, and easy for you to address any customer concerns, and scans the internet 24/7 to find reviews you might not be aware of. Monitor, manage, and improve your reputation from one platform.

Internal Communication and Processes (Pando)

Keep your team involved and working together toward the sale while creating a greatly improved customer experience. With Pando, processes are created, monitored, and fine-tuned ensuring that every customer receives the right communication at your dealership—and is rarely left waiting. Pando also has the power to streamline your human resources procedures.

Social Media (PandoSocial)

The automotive industry is a relationship-driven business. Building business through online consumer relationships is crucial to your dealership, and PandoSocial provides a way to make online marketing easier, while leveraging social media and reducing cost.

To learn more about AutoAlert and our line of proven dealership solutions, call us at 833-834-6502 or email us at

“With AutoAlert, we now consistently experience a 20-to-30-percent closing rate on the service drive.”

-Brad Mugg, Managing Partner, Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore and Norm Reeves Honda Superstore

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One-to-One Intelligent Marketing recognized our biggest opportunities, formulated everything for us, packaged it up, and we sent out a campaign through direct mail and a personal email with a p-URL, and followed it up with email. Highly, highly effective. 27 percent of our new cars sold last month we can trace back to AutoAlert. We want to sell cars and be profitable, of course, but we also want to be able to track and see how we arrived at those car sales.”

-Jeff Collins, General Manager, AutoMax Hyundai Del City