Arcade is the  #1 Performance Engagement solution for automotive dealerships that improve sales, BDC, and service productivity across teams using gamification. Our solution connects with your dealership's CRM and DMS to transform KPIs and business goals into real-time gamified incentives, that drive motivation, recognition, and performance within your teams. 

Arcade's mission is to make for 1 million happy frontline workers across the globe. We believe that happy workers do their best work, live their best lives, and are more successful because of it.

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"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Arcade and the value it brings to a dealership. It is a rare product that can allow management to motivate employees, reduce expense, enhancing the customer experience all while improving productivity and reducing turnover."

David Tamburro, President of David Tamburro Training Solutions, Former General Manager and Dealer Principle