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AIADA's Trusted Partner to Value, Buy, and Manage Inventory.

ACV is transforming the used car industry by empowering dealers with digital solutions to compete in an online world. ACV offers technology solutions and data-powered insights so dealers can grow their wholesale and retail businesses. ACV's offerings include ACV Auctions, ACV Capital, ACV Transportation, True360, ACV Max, and ClearCar.


ACV’s comprehensive suite of data-driven tools helps dealers to:

  • Source the right inventory

  • Boost dealership performance

  • Acquire more consumer vehicles


ACV Auctions:

Source the right vehicles 24/7. ACV Auctions offers a comprehensive array of inspection tools, condition reports, data, and services designed to maximize your profits while minimizing surprises. With thousands of cars available in our inventory every day you can always find the right vehicle to turn a higher profit for your dealership.



  • 20,000 dealers nationwide

  • No Reserve Sales 3 times a week

  • The most comprehensive condition reports available

  • Full-service support and dedicated buyer reps

  • Find the inventory you need with saved search and notifications

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees



ACV Capital:

ACV Capital offers straightforward pricing and flexible programs with no surprises or hidden costs. You can trust ACV Capital to drive success within your dealership.

  • Pay only for the days you need

  • Instant Access to your GatePass

  • Floor the cost of ACV Transportation, Buyer Assurance, and Buyer Fees

  • Self-manage your account through a dedicated portal

  • Save $25 in third-party flooring fees when you select ACV Capital at checkout

ACV Transportation

Reliable, consistent, and full-service transportation for every vehicle, no matter where you bought it. We have a dedicated team to handle everything from start to finish so that you can focus on buying and selling more cars. 

When shipping cars rely on these benefits of ACV Transportation:

Every Vehicle, Nationwide

  • Damage Protection: We worry about fraud, insurance, and compliance so you don’t have to

  • Live Updates:  View tracking, ETAs, and status updates in our portal

  • Firm Nationwide Quotes: View competitive pricing in real-time for moves in every lane

Vehicles Purchased on ACV

  • Never Miss Your Arb Window:  Always have at least 2 business days beyond delivery

  • No Release Slip Delays: ACV Transport starts working on every order instantly

  • One-click Ordering:  Address, instructions, and contacts on file

  • Integrated Floorplan: Floorplan Transport cost on Bill of Sale for easy integration to your floorplan of choice


True360: Boost Your Digital Retail

The True360 Report was developed to take the risk out of selling used cars. We provide a trusted, 3rd party report for your customers and deliver peace of mind.


  • Create a faster, frictionless transaction by providing the information consumers need.

  • Protects your dealer brand and reputation with every certified inspection.

  • True360 has the nation's largest field inspection team.



ClearCar's revolutionary technology offers real-time, market-responsive values that streamline and optimize your consumer acquisition process.

  • Seamlessly integrated into your existing website and branding

  • Prices are backed by ACV's millions of data points in real-time

  • Customers can easily disclose condition details that contribute to the vehicle’s value



ACV Max:

Harness the power of ACV’s robust, real-time local market insights paired with your dealership’s data. ACV MAX’s enhanced tools help you make better inventory decisions.

  • Acquire and stock the right units for your dealership, based on your individual sales history. 

  • Intuitive merchandising tools are designed to inform and empower your team and engage customers. 

  • ACV MAX’s web pages drive 3Xs more engagement than the average VDP. 

  • ACV MAX Appraisal empowers dealers with tools to effectively and consistently appraise cars while maximizing gross profits.