Highlights From Rising Dealers Network Regional Dinners

The Rising Dealers Network wrapped up 2015 on a high note with a dinner hosted by AIADA Board members Greg Kaminsky and Howard Hakes.  Auto dealers from around the Los Angeles area gathered to learn more about AIADA’s political efforts and accomplishments in Washington, D.C. as well as grassroots involvement opportunities for the next generation auto dealer.  We are currently scheduling four Rising Dealers Network Dinners throughout 2016 and would welcome your next generation dealer or rising General Manager to join us. 

In early March  2015, AIADA’s Board Member, Jason Courter, hosted the first Rising Dealer Network Dinner in Seattle.  The event was an information-packed meeting and an excellent networking opportunity for up-and-coming dealers, general managers and automotive professionals. “There is strong need to introduce fine candidates inside your organizations who can tell these policy makers why not only the franchised car dealer is important but also why it is essential,”  said Jason Courter.

The AIADA Rising Dealer Network provides an opportunity for the next generation of automotive dealers to see first-hand the benefits of being an active member of AIADA and the important role they play in the future of the international nameplate auto industry. 

2015 Rising Dealers Network Dinners

Seattle, Wash. - AIADA Board member Jason Courter hosted a Rising Dealer Network dinner in Seattle in March 2015. 

Los Angeles, Calif. - AIADA board members Greg Kaminsky and Howard Hakes hosted a Rising Dealers Network dinner in Los Angeles during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.