Automotive Resource Library

The Kontos Kommentary: Tom Kontos, Chief Economist at KAR Auction Services, delivers his monthly economic outlook. Click here

Key Trends for 2020: Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at Cox Automotive, provides a check-up on the key trends predicted to have the greatest impact on the automotive industry in 2020. Click here 

Quarterly Light Vehicle Sales Report - Q3: Summary by brand, manufacturer, and segment. Click here 

Claim of the Month: Federated's "Claim of the Month" is designed a s a short, monthly awareness piece. Click here

Monthly Automotive Newsletter: Includes the latest data, articles, and industry updates. Click here 

The Kerrigan Blue Sky Report: The Blue Sky Report is the industry's leading publication on buy/sell activity, key trends impacting blue sky values, and current blue sky multiples. Click here

The Kerrigan Index™: The Kerrigan Index™ is the only index tracking the seven publicly-traded auto retail stocks in the US, providing special insight into the dynamics affecting US auto retail. Click here 

Lands' End E-Store: A place to shop for all of your dealership apparel and gear, with or without a logo, at a discount compliment of Lands' End! Click here 

Lands' End E-Catalog: Find the latest in Lands' End merchandise for your dealership. Click here

International Automakers and Dealers in America: The 2019 economic impact report, which is a joint effort between AIADA and the Association of Global Automakers, details the economic investment of international brand automakers and their dealers in the U.S. Click here