Our Team

AIADA’s knowledgeable team of professionals have the years of experience and skill needed to amplify the dealer’s voice in D.C. and protect your business.

Cody Lusk

President and CEO
Jermaine Perry, Administration

Jermaine Perry

Manager, Meetings and Board Liaison

Government Relations

Rachel Robinson, Government Relations

Rachel Robinson

Vice President, Government Relations
Ashley Burch, Government Relations

Ashley Burch

Sr. Advocacy and Grassroots Manager

Public and Industry Relations

Libby Newman, Communications

Libby Newman

Vice President, Public and Industry Relations
Erin Birmingham, Communications

Erin Birmingham

Communications and Digital Media Manager

Member Services

Dan Barson, Member Benefits

Dan Barson

Vice President, Member Services and Manufacturer Relations
Rachel Solimani, Member Services

Rachel Solimani

Manager, Affinity Partner Relations

Anne Nuttall, Administration

Anne Nuttall

Marketing Associate

Administration and Membership

Paul Giddings, Vice President, Administration and Membership

Paul Giddings

Vice President, Administration and Membership
Cora Alston, Membership

Cora Alston

Member Relations
Ginger Tucker, IT Manager

Ginger Tucker

IT Manager
JoBeth Hodges, Administration

JoBeth Hodges

Accounting Manager / Office Administrator