The David F. Mungenast Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award

The David F. Mungenast Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award

Since 1975, AIADA has presented an annual lifetime achievement award to an individual who is set apart by a deep commitment and contributions to the international auto industry and community involvement. During AIADA's 2007 Annual Meeting & Luncheon in Las Vegas, AIADA President and CEO Cody Lusk honored the late AIADA Chairman and long-time AIADA supporter, Dave Mungenast, Sr., by renaming the association's lifetime achievement award in his honor.

Dave Mungenast Sr. translated his love for motorcycles and the open road into a small single Honda motorcycle dealership in south St. Louis in 1965. The family business eventually grew to include Lexus of St. Louis; St. Louis Acura; St. Louis Honda, Motorsports; Alton Toyota-Scion; Alton Dodge, Hyundai; Yacht Club Marina; and Wayne's Auto Body.

Dave Sr. and his wife, Barbara, were both dedicated to giving back to the communities that helped make them successful. Each year, a portion of the Dave Mungenast Automotive Family profits is directed to the Dave and Barbara Mungenast Foundation. Recipients of funds from this foundation include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boys´ Club of St. Louis, the St. Louis Food Bank, St. Anthony´s Hospital, and the Polly Klaas Foundation for Children.

Dave Mungenast was known by family members, employees, and those in the industry and community as their founder, mentor, employer, and friend. AIADA's board of directors accepts nominations every year to select a leader who possesses a similar community spirit and devotion to the industry.

Past Winners:

2022 - Michael E. Maroone 

2021 - Robert V. Rohrman

2020 - 50th Anniversary Celebration of all Former AIADA Chairs

2019 - Dave Conant

2018 - Mike McGrath

2017 - Jim Smail

2016 - H. Carter Myers III

2015 - Ed Fitzpatrick

2014 - David Wilson

2013 - Mike Dever

2012 - Rick and Rita Case

2011 - Peter Blackstock

2010 - Tim Smith

2009 - Jack Thompson

2008 - Joe O'Brien

2007 - Dave Mungenast, Sr.

2006 - Dr. David Frye (Northwood University)

2005 - Richard Kull

2004 - Dave Mungenast, Sr.

2003 - Yale Gieszl

2002 - Lee Maas

2001 - Kjell Bergh

2000 - Former Winners Honored

1999 - Gene Fondren

1998 - Robert McKamey

1997 - Fred Miller

1996 - Jack Rowe

1995 - Founding directors – Heyward Allen, Fred Angle, William Crane, David H. Gezon, G.H. Hamp Gossom, James Harger (deceased), Richard Kronman (deceased), Bob Miller, Joseph P. Moore, Jr., Richard Niello, Jack Pickrel (deceased), Malcolm Pray, John B. Sadler, Horace K. Sowles, William Wuesthoff.

1994 - Peter Cook

1993 - Gary Olin

1992 - Conrad Bradshaw

1991 - Ken Sowles

1990  - Joe Herson

1989 - Mike Jackson

1988 - Fritz Hitchcock

1987  -  David McDavid

1986  -  Ted Connelly

1985  -  Bill Doenges

1984  -  Martin Swig

1983  -  Henry Martin

1982  -  Don Graves

1981  -  Heyward Allen

1980  -  Frank Morsani

1979  -  Tom Nemet

1978  -  Harvey Ewing

1977  -  Gilbert Carmichael

1976  -  George Whittlesey

1975  -  David Gezon