Desilva-on-the-HillFederal legislation, particularly in these tumultuous times, has an enormous impact on America's dealerships. That is why AIADA works to increase awareness in the government and the public about the international nameplate automobile industry's value to the U.S. economy.  We focus our lobbying efforts on federal issues impacting America's international nameplate automobile dealers, including  trade and anti-competitive restrictions that limit the availability of international nameplate automobiles; full repeal of the Death Tax, including protection of the LIFO method and other tax measures; energy and fuel economy policies that give the consumer more choice; opposition to card check legislation that would take away the secret ballot election in the unionization process; and other industry-related issues.

To learn more about international nameplate automobile dealerships, read AIADA's Fast Facts on the International Nameplate Automotive Retail Industry.

Fair Credit Compliance for Dealers

Fair Credit Compliance and Policy Program

NHTSA's Counterfeit Airbag Investigation

AIADA Dealer Alert: What You Need to Know

NHTSA Consumer Safety Advisory

Recommended Dealer Guidance for Managing Counterfeit Airbags

Dealers and the Economy

Multi-Industry Letter to Congress Regarding Sustainable National Entitlement Programs

AIADA Letter Urging Congressional and Administration Response to Impending Fiscal Cliff

AIADA Response to the International Trade Commission Regarding Complaint by Beacon Navigation

Small Business Access to Credit Coalition Letter Supporting House Passage of the "Small Business Jobs and Credit Act"

AIADA Position Paper on the Brownback Automobile Dealer Amendment to Senate Fianancial Regulation Legislation

Joint Association Position Paper on the Brownback Automobile Dealer Amendment

Letter to Senate on Support for the Brownback Automobile Dealer Amendment

Dealers and Safety

Auto Industry Letter Opposing Portions of Proposed Motor Vehicle Safety Bill

Letter Opposing the Braley Amendment to the "Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010"

Auto Industry Letter in Support of the Scalise Amendment


Whenever possible, AIADA seeks to develop strategic alliances with related organizations to achieve our mission of protecting the interests of America's international automobile dealers. Whether hosting an event, signing onto a letter, or helping influence legislation in other ways, we are actively involved with numerous like-minded organizations in and around Washington, D.C.

Here are a few of the groups with whom we currently work:

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