Auto Sales Cool in September

With the end of summer and the prospect of cooling temperatures in much of the country, September auto sales slowed from the pace they kept up earlier in the year. Despite the slowdown, some of the largest international nameplate brands saw small, but significant, gains. Honda sales were up 1.5 percent, Hyundai sales rose 2.2 percent, Nissan saw an improvement of 4.3 percent, and Toyota sales were up 1.4 percent. Pickups and crossovers accounted for 59.9 percent of all sales, up 4.5 percent from September 2015. Car sales were down 7.1 percent to 40.1 percent of all vehicles sold.

Auto Industry Slows in August

Last month, the auto market took a breather from its fast pace through the first half of 2016. However, while many of the largest international brands, like Honda (down 3.5 percent) and Toyota (down 4.6 percent), saw sales slip in August, not all reports were bad. Hyundai saw no sales change from a year ago and others, like Subaru (up 14.7 percent), saw improvements. Pickups and crossovers accounted for 60.3 percent of all sales last month, up 2.5 percent from August 2016, while passenger car sales were down 12.6 percent from a year ago to 39.7 percent of all sales.

Auto Industry Sees Modest Gains in July

U.S. auto sales slowed slightly in July, although most automakers recorded overall gains, which maintained industry momentum heading into the second half of the year.

Sales Pace Slows as Auto Industry Sees Small Gains in June

International auto sales slowed in June, a trend forecast by many analysts who see the industry reaching a plateau following a steady climb in recent years following the recession in 2008 and 2009. Despite the month’s smaller gains, international brands still finished the month in the lead, posting positive gains and maintaining their strong share of the U.S. market.

Auto Sales Dip Even As Expectations Remain High for 2016

Auto sales dipped slightly in May, brought on by falling demand and a calendar quirk resulting in two fewer sales days than May 2015. Despite the downtick, international automakers reported a solid share of the U.S. market and remain on track for a successful year.