August Auto Sales Dip but SAAR Continues to Rise

Despite having one less selling day than August 2014 and losing Labor Day sales to September through a calendar quirk, August’s sales were stronger than many analysts predicted.

July Auto Sales Rise on Light Truck Demand

July’s auto sales continued 2015’s hot streak, rising to the second highest SAAR in a decade. Last month’s sales winners included Audi, up 20.8 percent; Honda, up 6.5 percent; and Kia, up 7.7 percent for a monthly sales record of 56,311 units. Light trucks and crossovers dominated the market in July with sales up 12.9 percent from a year ago. Car sales slipped 2.9 percent.

June Auto Sales Continue Hot Streak

June U.S. auto sales maintained their momentum, reaching their highest June sales rate since 2005. June’s sales winners included Kia, up 6.9 percent; Nissan, up 13 percent; and Toyota, up 3.1 percent. Subaru’s sales were up 7.2 percent, driven in part by consumer demand for crossover vehicles like the Forester SUV. Leasing hit an all-time high in June, encompassing 33 percent of all sales

Scorching May Auto Sales Beat Expectations

U.S. sales defied expectations in May, racing to their best finish since July 2005. The month’s sales winners included BMW, up 4.7 percent; Subaru, up 12.2 percent; and Volkswagen, up 8.1 percent. Audi, up 11 percent, saw sales rise for an industry-leading 67th month in a row. Pick-ups, up 7.3 percent as a segment, and crossovers, up 10.4 percent, drove sales in May, while sales of small cars were down 3.5 percent. Honda’s sales were flat, falling 0.3 percent, and Toyota saw sales slip 1.6 percent.

Auto Sales Up Slightly in April

Dealers experienced modest sales improvement in April, buoying their expectations for a positive 2015 sales year. Some of April’s sales winners included Lexus, up 11.7 percent from April 2014; Mercedes-Benz, up 13 percent; and Nissan, up 5.4 percent. Honda saw sales fall 2.7 percent. Across the board transaction prices and loan terms were both on the rise, a sign that consumer confidence may also be heading in a positive direction. Light trucks and crossovers dominated April’s sales, topping the number of cars sold in the U.S. for the 20th month straight.