January Auto Sales Fall Flat

Winter weather in January blanketed many parts of the country, while economic indicators like the stock market generated shaky consumer confidence. This resulted in decreased or flat sales for most brands. Toyota sales were down 3.9 percent, while Honda’s were flat from January 2015

New Car Sales Set Record in 2015

The auto industry ended 2015 with a bang, marking its best sales year since 2000. Buoyed by holiday discounts and mild weather, automakers including Honda, up 12.2 percent for the month; Kia, up 19 percent; Nissan, up 17.9 percent; and Toyota, up 12.4 percent all led international brand sales.

November Auto Sales Maintain Record Pace

International dealers had plenty to be thankful for in November, closing out the month with robust sales that analysts expect will contribute to a record-breaking year for the U.S. auto industry. Traditionally, November has been recognized as a slow month. This year, however, Black Friday deals propelled sales to a 14-year high.

October Auto Sales Soar

Conditions were favorable for auto sales in October, and consumers took advantage. Unemployment rates and gas prices were down, while manufacturer incentives and consumer confidence were up.

September Auto Sales Reach Ten Year High

Boosted by the addition of Labor Day weekend, low gas prices, and hot end of model year deals September’s sales easily surpassed analyst predictions.