Gulf States Toyota Connects TV Ads to Dealer Visits

In June and July, 652,000 households in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas saw at least twice as many TV ads promoting summertime deals on the Toyota Camry as others in the region.

House Republicans Are Preparing to Hit Consumers With a Horrible New Tax

Republicans in the House of Representatives are inadvertently setting a nasty political and economic trap for Donald Trump. That’s not their intention, but it manifestly will be the result, writes Steve Forbes. The vehicle for this unwitting GOP punch is a new exaction called the border adjustability tax (BAT).

The Biggest New Car Flops of 2016

Whether one feels the new-car business is close to achieving “mass auto” or there’s a “vehicular recession” coming about a half mile down the road, industry-wide sales set another record in 2016 with 17.55 million cars and trucks delivered to consumers, which is up a half tick up from 17.5 million vehicles in 2015, according to AutoData.