Kids Crave Cars After All, Surveys Say

Forbes reports that despite previous reports suggesting the Internet, social media, and car-sharing/public transportation had supplanted the need for a driver’s license among young would-be motorists, two recent surveys indicate that perhaps the so-called millennial generation is getting hooked on cars after all.

North American Light-Vehicle Production Soars in August, But Incentives Are Rising

North American car and light-truck production hit an August record last month, despite cooling demand, leaving dealer inventory at a multiyear peak and setting the stage for potentially generous sales incentives this fall. The Wall Street Journal reports that General Motors Co. led the auto industry with a 21 percent increase in output to 372,678 vehicles produced in the region, according to data provider

Millennials Want Cars—and Low Payments

Automotive News reports that industry experts have confirmed multiple times that millennials are major players in the auto finance market, debunking the notion that they don’t buy cars.

Feds Preview Rules of the Road for Self-Driving Cars

According to Fox News, Obama administration officials are previewing long-awaited guidance that attempts to bring self-driving cars to the nation's roadways safely—without creating so many roadblocks that the technology can't make it to market quickly.