The Facts on TPP

American historian Henry Adams once said, “Practical politics consists in ignoring facts.” Never has that been more evident than during the Republican debate held last month in Milwaukee. Donald Trump was the latest politician to take an unsupported shot at the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the recently negotiated agreement between the U.S. and 11 other nations that would level the playing field for American workers and streamline the flow of goods through the global marketplace.

Dealers: Weigh in on 2016’s Mungenast Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

The dealership business is similar to a little league in at least one respect: if you hang around long enough, you’re going to collect some trophies. My own offices in Hartford Connecticut are a testament to this fact. The trophies, pins, plaques, and certificates are all deeply appreciated, and many are on display throughout the dealerships.

Dealers and Manufacturers Must Work Together During Tough Times

Watching the Volkswagen diesel emissions saga unfold over the past week has been an eye-opening experience for dealers of all brands. Just when you think the story has hit rock bottom, another painful detail or quote emerges.

Planning for 2016

Always be prepared. It’s not just the Boy Scout motto – they’re words to live by if you’re a dealer.