Dealers and Manufacturers Must Work Together During Tough Times

Watching the Volkswagen diesel emissions saga unfold over the past week has been an eye-opening experience for dealers of all brands. Just when you think the story has hit rock bottom, another painful detail or quote emerges.

Planning for 2016

Always be prepared. It’s not just the Boy Scout motto – they’re words to live by if you’re a dealer.

A Big Trade Win! What Comes Next . . .

In politics, as in business, there isn’t a lot of time for victory laps. If you want to stay relevant and competitive in your chosen field you can never rest on your laurels. Whether you’ve acquired a new store, or won a tight election, your mind should immediately turn to your next challenge.

Trade Matters (Really)

One of the greatest challenges of being AIADA’s chairman in 2015 is finding new ways to make the issue of global trade interesting. I’m hampered by one simple fact: it’s not that interesting.