New Beginnings

Our association was founded 45 years ago by a group of Volkswagen dealers working to shield their brand from Washington, D.C.’s anti-trade, anti-business legislation. In 45 years, a lot has changed. But our core mission, to protect the interests of international nameplate dealers at the federal level, remains the same. And our membership hasn’t changed – not where it counts. We are still comprised of mostly small, family businesses. You can still find us in nearly every community in the United States; paying taxes, supporting charities, and hiring hard working Americans. Most of all, you can still count on our commitment to this industry and our love of cars.

Looking Forward to 2015

Taking a look back can be fun, and I certainly enjoy pieces like this one in FirstUp. But, like most dealers, I would always rather look forward than back. And we certainly have a lot to look forward to in 2015.

The Truth About the CFPB

It came as no surprise, then, when earlier this week the CFPB finally formally accused Honda and Toyota of discriminatory loan practices. Honda confirmed that the CFPB is seeking, “monetary relief and implementation of changes to our discretionary pricing practices and policies.” More automakers could be named in the coming weeks.

Safe and Sound

Now, as a grandfather, I find myself revisiting those days of safety-obsession. In addition to the measures we took 30 years ago, we now have faucet covers, car seats that look like they could survive a rocket launch, and spoons that change color if the baby’s food is too warm.

What Election Results Mean for Dealers

There hasn’t been a lot to celebrate in national politics, lately. But now the champagne and confetti have been mopped up, and dealers, like so many Americans, are asking, “What happens next?”

The 113th Congress is now officially a lame duck, and will remain so until the 114th congress is sworn in on January 3, 2015. That gives us about two months to get a feel for how Tuesday’s election results will impact our businesses, our employees, our customers, and our future.