Cars So Hot They're Out of Stock

American motorists bought a record 17.5 million new vehicles in 2015. While automobile sales are at an all-time high, certain makes and models are in much higher demand than others, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Why Public Dealership Groups Are Buying Their Own Stock

According to Automotive News, several publicly traded dealership groups have reported strong, sometimes record, first-quarter earnings per share. It’s not that their net income soared. Rather, they’ve been buying back their shares like crazy. Why does that matter

Consumer Financial Protection Racket

According to the Wall Street Journal, in its short, unhappy life, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has compiled a record of abuse rivaling that of Washington’s most entrenched bureaucracies. But there’s new reason to hope that this misanthropic creation of Dodd-Frank may not reach adulthood.

Why Are Some Nissan Dealers So Unhappy?

According to Automotive News, a funny thing happened to Nissan on the way to succeeding at its U.S. business plan. It began alienating its dealers. Dealers who hold Nissan and other franchises say that by being confrontational rather than collaborative, Nissan has become the hardest automaker to work with