Autos Will Be Key for Trump's Success

Donald Trump has defied the pollsters and the pundits to pull off a spectacular upset victory. Now comes the hard part, writes Mack McLarty, chairman of McLarty Cos.–a fourth-generation family-owned dealership business in Little Rock, Ark.–in Automotive News.

Toyota Will Expand Development of Hybrid Technology

Toyota Motor Corp. said it would expand the development of its gasoline-hybrid technology over the next five years to speed up the introduction of lower-emission engines in the face of stricter global-emissions standards. According to Automotive News, the announcement was the latest by the automaker aimed at making greener cars as global automakers face tighter regulations in China, the U.S., and other regions that will require more environment-friendly cars in the coming years.

Toyota Research Aims for Longer-Range EV Battery​

Toyota is claiming a world first in extending the potential range and service life of batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles. A new battery-monitoring system can recover much of the energy lost during the charging and discharging process in lithium-ion batteries, the automaker says.

You Auto Know Week in Review: December 2, 2016

Things in Washington, D.C. have sprung into high gear with most of the town focusing on the incoming Trump Administration. Conversations include who will be serving in the president's cabinet, who will fill out the rest of his senior staff, and of course, who will be Secretary of State. Republicans all around the city are updating their resumes. Transition landing teams are in place inside the federal agencies and conversations have begun between President Obama's staff and President-Elect Trump's staff on the transition of power.