The Week in Review: July 29, 2016

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) took place in Philadelphia this week and history was made as Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party. The convention was not without its share of drama, though, as on opening day, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned her post as chairwoman following an email hacking scandal. The Trans-Pacific Partnership also played a silent role, with protesters holding up anti-TPP signs during speeches. While Sanders supporters vowed "Bernie or Bust," ultimately it was Senator Sanders who cast the final delegate votes from Vermont for Clinton and urged everyone to unite behind the nominee.

Cars That Won't Be Returning for 2017

Here today, gone tomorrow. Originally written to lament the limited lifespan of us humans, it could just as well apply to our automobiles, some of which overstay their welcomes on dealers’ showrooms each year and are unceremoniously shuffled off into the proverbial sunset.

U.S. Judge Grants Preliminary Approval for VW Emissions Settlement

A federal judge on Tuesday granted preliminary approval for a $10 billion settlement in which Volkswagen AG will offer to buy back up to 475,000 polluting 2.0 liter diesel-powered vehicles. According to CNBC, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco set an Oct. 18 hearing for final approval.

Best Cars for Teens

U.S. News & World Report today announced the 2016 Best Cars for Teens. The list highlights six cars and SUVs with advanced safety features, new technologies for novice drivers, top crash test scores, and excellent long-term value