The Week in Review: October 21, 2016

As an election like no other enters the final stretch, the third and final presidential debate was held Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump agreed prior to the debate to a "no handshake" policy, which fit the tone that had been set in the previous no-holds barred debates. This was the most substantive of the three debates and each candidate was challenged to delve into detail on various issues before the American people which will confront the next President.

Game Changing Sedans, Sports Cars, Hybrids, & SUVs

Unless you’re living under an overpass, you know it’s only a matter of time before autonomous autos rule the road. Rather drive than be driven? Consider this the last Golden Age of Motoring, when those who truly love cars can indulge with models that go fast, handle tenaciously, and look good, according to Forbes.

Toyota's Move to Texas Goes Far Beyond Moving Employees

Toyota isn't just relocating its North American headquarters from Torrance, Calif., to Plano, Texas — it's fundamentally changing the way it operates its businesses in North America, reports The Detroit Free Press.

10 Cars That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Whatever your needs are for a vehicle, one aspect that's hard to compromise on is its appearance. There are too many cars that have excellent functionality or fun performance, but are a letdown when it comes to style. However, reports Autoblog, there is a car in every category that stands out from the competition solely by the way it looks.