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International nameplate dealers face unique challenges in ensuring the long-term growth and success of their businesses. For 40 years, AIADA has provided dealers with a community of like-minded businessmen and industry manufacturers focused on protecting America's 10,000 international auto franchises from damaging federal legislation and policy.

Our Mission

  • To create, maintain and preserve a free market for international nameplate automobiles in the United States;
  • To aggressively advocate this Mission before the Federal Government; and,
  • To preserve the economic viability of our members, the American International Automobile Dealers.

At the grassroots level, we work to forge meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between local auto dealers and their respective federal representatives. The association arranges for Members of Congress to visit AIADA dealer members at their dealerships as part of our innovative Dealer Visit program. These dealer visits provide dealers with the opportunity to get to know their representatives and educate them about the business of operating an international nameplate auto dealership.

Our Legislative Action Network (L.A.N.), made up of politically active dealer members, is the key to our success on Capitol Hill. Through this network of dealers, federal representatives hear first-hand how pending legislation and federal policy affects America's international auto industry and the jobs and revenue we create.

In addition, AIADA provides a wide range of public relations, education, networking, and business improvement services for our dealer members to help them excel in a dynamic and ultra-competitive business environment.

AIADA Chairwoman and Ohio dealer Jenell Ross on why she joined the association.

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